Tuesday, January 22, 2019

It's a finish!

The photo doesn't look much different from the one I posted yesterday, but if you look closely you can see the blue binding. 

I used leftover bow ties on the back.

I am low on big pieces of 30's fabric. The green/pink print on the left and the blue/black print on the right are genuine vintage pieces--36" wide.

My 30's stash is down to one shelf.

I have two boxes of genuine vintage fabric . . . but if they haven't been sewn for 50+ years, what's the rush? 

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Monday, January 21, 2019

P.E.O. is 150!

The P.E.O. Sisterhood was founded on January 21, 1869, at Iowa Wesleyan College in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa.  The seven founders were Mary Allen (Stafford), Ella Stewart, Alice Bird (Babb), Hattie Briggs (Bousquet), Franc Roads (Elliott), Alice Virginia Coffin, and Suela Pearson (Penfield).

Earlier that school year a chapter of I.C. Sorosis was established at IWC.  Some of the seven were invited, but not all of them, so they decided to start "a society of our own."  As members graduated they continued their fellowship in community-based chapters.  In the 1890's the collegiate chapters were closed. Ever since, P.E.O. has been a community organization.

P.E.O. has grown and prospered.  There are over 200,000 members in more than 5,500 chapters across the U.S. and Canada.  P.E.O. is a Philanthropic Educational Organization that promotes educational opportunities for women through its projects:  Cottey College, a four-year institution for women in Nevada, MO;  International Peace Scholarship; Educational Loan Fund; Program for Continuing Education; Scholar Award; Star Scholarship.
P.E.O. projects have helped thousands of women attain higher education.

My paternal grandmother was a P.E.O.  My mother was a P.E.O. I was initiated into Chapter D, Maine, in 1985. I was a charter member of Chapter G, Maine; transferred to Chapter V, North Dakota; and since 1998 I've belonged to Chapter MY, Illinois (now HV-MY). 

The determination of seven young women at a small rural college to perpetuate their friendship has made a tremendous difference to an untold number of people -- P.E.O. members, their families, recipients of grants and loans.  The star shines brightly!

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Sunday, January 20, 2019

Weekly update: eclipse and OMG progress

The skies were clear Sunday night making the lunar eclipse easy to see, but the 6-degree temperature meant I viewed it very briefly from our front steps.

It's much warmer in the studio!
I'm pleased to report that I have completed both parts of my One Monthly Goal for January.

OMG Part One:  assemble the blocks for the Good Fortune mystery.  Last week I posted the photo and the story of my travails.  I haven't done anything to rectify the make-do corners on the outer border.

Instead, I worked on OMG Part Two: assembling the 30's bow tie blocks.  Here's the flimsy.  It's 70 x 70.

I missed the OMG link up due to my travel schedule--I got home late 1/31 and didn't realize the link up closed a midnight --  but all the other finishes are  HERE

I pieced the back.  It's under the needle with the center quilted.  Hopefully I can finish it before I leave for the ALA Midwinter Meeting on Thursday.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Midweek: EQTAS, Rockin' Robin, and a flimsy

Yesterday I presented Every Quilt Tells a Story, my quilt history program, for another P.E.O.  chapter. I knew several of the members from our county round table (and one is an AAUW friend).  I give a trunk show of quilts I've made and quilts I've collected. I ask people to share quilts they've inherited, received as gifts, or made themselves.

Jody's grandmother made this.  Isn't it super?

Donna remembers that this was always on her grandparents' bed. Her grandfather was a draftsman and created the templates for the appliques that her grandmother sewed. The green edging is worn-out applique.

The green leaves haven't survived but the green cornucopias have.

I suggested to both Jody and Donna that their quilts should be professionally appraised.

Mickey and Dorie are quiltmakers. Here are their recent projects.

# # # # # # #

The guild 2019 Round Robin began at the January meeting.  LM's starter block is 10".  I added the brown/turquoise borders.  The The strips and squares were cut 1-1/4" and finish at 3/4". I used a couple of can't-cut-this! fabrics that I have had for a long time. 

And, hurrah!  X Marks the Block is a flimsy!  6-1/2 yards.

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Sunday, January 13, 2019

Weekly update: Mis-Fortune?, RSC red, and something new!

 Rip, rip, rip.  I wrote last week that I sewed half the red/orange blocks the wrong way around. But in this case half was better than all. I ripped, pressed, and resewed.
I attached Border #1.  
I attached two of Border #2.  
I discovered that Border #1 was upside down. 
I ripped one of Border #2 -- and then I found out that only one of Border #1 was upside down; the other three were okay. But the wrong Border #1 was *not* the one that I'd ripped apart from Border #2.  (Are you with me?) 
Then I sewed on the four Border #4.  They fit perfectly.  
Then I looked at the illustration.  I had forgotten Border #3. 
I ripped off all four Border #4.  I sewed on all four Border #3.  
Then I reattached Border #4.  All four sides are too short.   
I added inserts at the corners. I think they are clunky  but I was so fed up by then that I took the photo and folded up the flimsy.  I will fiddle with the border later on. I counted the square inches of all the units and calculate that the flimsy uses 7-3/4 yards in all.

Less frustrating and more productive sewing followed.

For the first three years that I played along with the Rainbow Scrap Challenge  I made the same block in each month's color on a white background. (See them here: 2017 Daisies2016 Crossroads2015 Log Cabin.)  Last year I got away from white backgrounds but stayed very scrappy with Chinese Puzzle -- each block had 34 different fabrics.  

For RSC 2019 I'm making things easier.  I will make pinwheels out of the monthly color and gray or taupe or off-white -- one pinwheel out of a different print for each day of the month.  The HSTs are 3.5" unfin and the pinwheels are 6.5" unfin.  I don't know how I'll set them but I will have fun making them.  (RSC is January-October, so I'll have 304 pinwheels. Enough for two quilts. Maybe three.)   

One of the Facebook quilting groups had a reference to a string block design by Teresa Rawson.  Here is the link: 
X Marks the Block
I had to try one.  And that led to all of these.

They are 9.5" unfin. and are foundation-free (no paper, no fabric).  I will make 48 for a 54" x 72" quilt.

The black strings use up six different black-with-white dots prints from my stash.

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Monday, January 7, 2019

Weekly Update: winnings, fireballs, dots, and Good Fortune

Raffle Mania was the main event at Wednesday's guild meeting.  Members bring quilt-related stuff they no longer love. Raffle tickets are distributed based on the previous year's attendance (1 ticket per month, 1 ticket for wearing a name tag). Additional tickets are .50 each.  I got 17 free tickets and bought 20 more.  I contributed 10 5-lb bags of fabric sorted by color (20 yards per bag), two smaller ziploc bags with fabric, and four bundles of 10 books each.  (I was ruthless when I selected the fabric to donate. How many years have I had this? Does this really go with anything?  Will I ever use this?) (You need to remember that in 2018 I was *given* 470 yards in addition to what I bought.)

I did not return empty-handed.   There were a dozen big bundles of books and magazines donated by the family of a guild member who passed away last month.  I won three of those stacks.  I also won two ziploc bags with, yes, more fabric -- just 27 yards!

In the studio this week:

Nine 6" fireball blocks for the January Block Lotto.

This month's wonky house for the guild BOM.

I have assembled the rows (shown here as columns) for Good Fortune.  Borders to come!  I really like the design and when the four borders are added it will look smashing.
Thanks to Barbara in Germany who noted the two four-patches the wrong way (second in, third up from the bottom). I managed to sew half the 4p-orange units the wrong way around. I ripped them out and re-sewed them -- but I missed that unit. I've corrected it (as of 2 p.m. Monday).

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Friday, January 4, 2019

OMG for January: get ready, get set . . .

. . . and go!

The operative word is "set."  My two-part OMG for this month:

#1    Set the 30's bow tie blocks.  I showed a picture on Monday and said that I've come up with yet another setting.  Here it is -- still X's and O's but not as pronounced as the previous version.  All of these bow ties are sewn into blocks of nine.   I've made enough additional bow ties for the remaining four spaces.

#2  Set Good Fortune.  Bonnie posted the reveal today -- here if for some reason you missed it!

OMG and Good Fortune go together -- I won the December OMG prize -- a $50 gift certificate to Amy Bradley Designs !

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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Welcome, 2019: the Annual Reckoning

Vintage greeting card from my collection 
2018 was the 21st year I have tracked fabric in and out.  (My definitions:"in" is acquired, whether bought or received as a gift or won; "out" is sewn, sold, given away, or otherwise disposed of.  I usually measure the square inches in units or blocks -- 1512 sq. in. per yard -- but sometimes I use a postal scale and go by weight -- 4 yards to a pound.) 

Here is the reckoning in black and white.
I received two significant windfalls.  In October a local crafter gave me fabric she no longer wanted.  I kept 198 yards of that and gave 150 to the guild's charity committee.  In December I got 272 yards via a former guild member who got the fabric from the family of a woman who had a stroke and can no longer quilt.  I also got good deals at estate sales and bargains at thrift shops. And, yes, I bought new fabric.
I used a lot, too!  The "Flimsy Completion" tab shows that I completed 32 projects this year.  That included 18 quilts, 8 tote bags, 30 mug rugs, 8 runners/wall hangings, 10 hot pads.  I added 6 flimsies to the box.
I filled 10 jumbo ziploc bags with fabric for the January 2 Raffle Mania at the guild meeting.  A jumbo bag holds 5 lbs. which is 20 yards -- so that's 200 yards OUT.  I'm counting it for 2018 because (a) my game, my rules and (b) I sorted and bagged it all in 2018.

What's in store for 2019? 
To say "use more than I acquire" is a perpetual goal, like "lose 30 pounds." Maybe this year I will accomplish both.   More specifically:
(1)  Download EQ 8 and learn to use it.  I've had EQ since v. 4 but I haven't used it very much.
(2)  Learn how to do ruler work. (I used some of DH's Christmas gift to order Westalee Rulers and an instruction book.)
(3)  Make something that has a zipper and buttonholes.   I've had my new machine for almost a year but I haven't tried either of these basic sewing features.
(4)   Make a garment.  I still have boxes of fashion fabric. I have patterns.  I know what a 5/8" seam looks like.
(5)   Participate in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge, One Monthly Goal, and Block Lotto.
(6)   Have fun!

Thanks for reading my posts and taking time to comment. I look forward to hearing from you in 2019.