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Monday, January 15, 2018

Weekly update: RSC, round robin, briefcase (again) and NYB

Chinese Puzzle is my 2018 Rainbow Scrap Challenge block.  This is 12.5" (unf). 

I'm participating in a round robin in our quilt guild.  This is month #3.  T. B. said, "Anything goes!" I added the blue flowers. (The flowers were extras from this project and this one.)

The New York Beauty quilt is at the flimsy stage.  This is my entry in the 2018 guild challenge. The theme is "quilt your initials" with one initial being the block name and two initials being the colors.  My initials are NEBH so I chose three of the four. A list of color names was provided. There weren't many choices for N or H (no nickel or hematite, which could've worked up well  (light gray and dark gray)). I could drive myself crazy with choices (nine-patch / hole in the barn door / Eddystone light / birds in the air; black/brown; emerald/ecru). I went with my very first impression: New York Beauty in Eggplant and Blue.

The blocks are 6" fin. With borders, it's 34 x 34.   The challenge reveal is in March so I have six weeks to get it quilted.

Last Monday I posted a picture of the quilt blocks I laboriously hand-sewed to the front panel of a repurposed briefcase. I commented then that I wasn't wild about them because they were more whimsical/cute than I wanted.

I took them off and contemplated a new applique made from something from the orphan blocks box.  Nothing on hand was suitable, but one block gave me an idea.  Here's the result.

It took about a half hour to make the batik block. It took about two-and-a-half hours to hand-sew it to the briefcase.  I also made a foam wrap-around "cushion" for the strap.

Both this briefcase and the NYB challenge were my OMG projects for January. Mid-month and they're done!

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P.S.  Here is Miss C. (18 mos. old) with the I Spy quilt I made for her. (More here.)

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Midweek: it's a flimsy!

 I assembled On Ringo Lake on Tuesday afternoon.  I calculated the fabric required in each unit and from that arrived at 10 yards for the entire flimsy (unquilted top). Hooray!

I got the leftover fabric reshelved.

Last evening we watched Into the Amazon, the new episode of The American Experience on PBS.  (Until the promotion of this feature I'd forgotten that in 1993 Auburn PL had hosted a program by Charles Haskell who led an expedition to retrace T.R.'s route.)    My TV-time sewing resulted in six NYB blocks for the guild challenge quilt. I decided that split backgrounds are more interesting than not-split.

Mike from Tracey's Tables called Monday to say that he'll deliver the new top for my sewing table this morning. The Janome has a much larger footprint than the Pfaff and the new top will allow the machine to be flush with the table. It will be nice to sew "on the flat" again.

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Monday, January 8, 2018

Weekly update: ORL halfway, and other accomplishments

The Thomas Fire is the largest-ever fire in California.  Grace posted the announcement of a block drive to make quilts for the victims.  The drive is for this specific block (split 9-patch). One yard of fabric for these seven blocks which I mailed off on Saturday.

In other flinging:  I offered the presser feet from my now-deceased Pfaff on two Yahoo sales groups and had a taker within fifteen minutes. (And messages for days afterward, even though I posted a follow up stating that they were spoken for.)   I replied to a sales group request for neutral scraps. I emptied the box on the left and much of the box on the right -- 16 yards sold for $48!

Here are my blocks for this month's Block Lotto. It's great to have BL back in 2018.

Here's the repurposed briefcase, one of my OMGs.  I'm not 110% wild about it. Technically the workmanship is fine but it's "cuter" than I intended. I want arty / sophisticated. Back to the drawing board -- rather, the cutting table.

I have assembled just over half of On Ringo Lake. I found that in order to orient the sashing correctly it was best to work on one row at a time -- blocks, sashing, blocks, sashing.

I hope to get it to the flimsy stage soon.  The holiday break is over and I have meetings and other projects that I need to attend to!

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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

January OMG and first flimsy of the year

Tuesday sunset: clear and COLD
It's been bitterly cold here in northeasternmost Illinois and most of the country. Had our trip to the Georgia coast happened we'd have been cold there because we didn't plan to take heavy coats. This evening's quilt guild meeting has been cancelled due to the cold.

busting apart at the seams
My One Monthly Goal for January is actually two projects. 

I plan to repurpose a briefcase/tote to take to next month's ALA Midwinter Meeting . It will replace a repurposed briefcase that's worn out after a dozen or so conferences.

18 years old but never used

The second project is to finish the New York Beauty blocks for the guild challenge.  I will need 16.  The reveal is in March, so if I make the blocks in January I can quilt it in February.

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On Ringo Lake:  1 block completed, 49 to go.

Here's the first flimsy (unquilted top) of 2018.  Late last week I wanted to work on something that was different from the other works-in-progress (NYB, ORL, and the Block Heads). I clipped this pattern from a back issue of Quilt magazine months ago.  The designers are Tammy Silvers and Julia LaBauve.  The blocks are 12" fin., three sizes (2.5" center w/ 1.5 strips; 2.5" center with 2" strips; 3.5" center with 2.5" strips).  5-7/8 yards used, all from my stash (of course). 

Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year! The Annual Reckoning and projects in the works

A never-used postcard from my collection. On the back: Whitney Made / Worcester, Mass. / Made in USA.
Learn about George C. Whitney in this article and this one .

I began the Annual Reckoning in January, 1998. I was preparing to pack for the move from Fargo, ND, to Lindenhurst, IL. I realized that my commitment to quiltmaking resulted in an exponential increase in my fabric stash and that I'd better get a handle on it.  Recording is now automatic.  (Note that I record use when a project gets to the flimsy stage, not WIPs or UFOs.)

In 2017 I sold fabric on Facebook sales sites. I also began to keep track of trimmings by tossing the slivers and dog-ears into plastic bags. When a bag got full I weighed it (1 lb. = 4 yds.). Hey, that's fabric used!  I made 13 tote bags, 18 quilts, 3 mug rugs, 50  Care Bags, and 365 Ohio Star blocks for Quilts of Valor.
Block Heads + Irish Chain 

I'm starting 2018 with projects in the works.  There's the Moda Blockheads + Irish Chain that I showed last week. Clues 6, 7, and 8 of On Ringo Lake have been revealed.

I'd like to well and truly bust the 30's stash.  To that end, I've begun 3.5" bow ties. For a long time I've tossed strips and squares of white-on-white into a box. I'm using the 2" WOWs for the bow ties. The smaller box on the left holds all the 1.5" pieces. I have a design in mind!

I know that my 30's stash would make thousands of small bow ties. I don't want that many. I will come up with a larger block that uses more fabric.

I'm making progress on guild challenge.

Here's a portion of what' on the design wall. I thought I'd get the blocks assembled New Year's Eve but I was tired!  We turned out the lights at 10:30 p.m.

After a good night's sleep I was up in time to catch the sunrise. A cloud bank obscured the horizon. It was -8 (lower with the wind chill) at 7:15. I did not linger!

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Friday, December 29, 2017

Best of 2017

Cheryl at Meadow Mist Designs hosts an annual "best of" linkup for bloggers' five favorite posts.

Here are mine. 
You can see the others here.

"How much is that quilt worth?"   October 8: the results of an appraisal day hosted by our guild.

"Spare Parts Flimsy"  January 29: one of my favorite quilts of the year. (I finally quilted it in August

"Raise a Toast to Toby Philpot!"  May 20: our visit to the Toby Mug museum in Evanston.

 "Attic Treasures: Archives and Memories" August 28: a moderately-successful attempt at cleaning out stuff.

"Fiesta, linens, and sewing lessons"  October 27: one of several posts chronicling estate sale finds. This one features a 7th grader's home ec project from long ago.

OMG 2017

It's time for the OMG linkup.  My December goal was easily achieved: I hosted a giveaway for the 10th anniversary of my blog.
I sent fabric bundles to two lucky winners.

Here is the OMG December finish linkup.

Since that report makes a short post I looked back at my other OMG accomplishments this year.  (I didn't do OMG in June because I went to three conventions and had little sewing time.)

January: En Provence. February: two tote bags (upper right). March: two tote bags (middle right). April: one tote bag (lower left). May: 365 Ohio Stars for Quilts of Valor.

July: Scraps for Edna (lower right). August: I Spy #1 (middle right). September: Tree Farm (upper right). October: purple/lime totes (lower left). November: Block Heads (upper left).

I look forward to OMG 2018!