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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Welcome to April: Rabbits and fish, stash report, dilemma resolved, and OMG

"Rabbit, rabbit!"  I first read about this good-luck invocation in a Trixie Belden book.  Now I remember (pretty much!) to say it on the first of each month. Here is the explanation.

On April 1 in France children slap paper fishes onto adults' backs and holler, "Poisson d'avril!" ("April fish!")  It's done in other countries , too.

I always think of the joke, "Why are soldiers tired on April 1?"
("Because they've just had a March of 31 days.")

On to the quilt report.

Fabric acquired in March:  19-5/8, $124, average $6.30/yd
Fabric used in March: 52-1/4
YTD acquired:  40-1/4, $143, average $3.55/yd
YTD used: 132-3/8
Net: 92-1/8 used!

I've made 158 Ohio Stars for Quilts of Valor.
The goal is 365.  An online friend sent 3 yards  of white-on-white (duly accounted for in the stash report) to help me out.

The daisy dilemma:

Butterflies are too small
Sashing detracts
I finished the twelve daisy blocks.  How to set them? How to border them?  Using a Kaffe Fassett millefiori print seemed the best way to highlight the bright, scrappy design.  That entailed a trip to Quilt Play .  I made sure to buy enough "just in case." I also stopped at Hobby Lobby and found a wonderful print of bright butterflies on white to use for the back.  I auditioned the fabric.  Sashing / no sashing?  Periwinkle outer / pink inner? What about a butterfly border?  I slept on it.  Friday evening I decided:  pink outer / periwinkle inner.  I sewed the borders on.
Borders too dominant

I didn't like it and figured out that it was because neither Kaffe print has any white.  Then I spied a little bundle on the shelf of bright prints -- the remains of a thrift-shop bedsheet that I'd used to back a quilt.  I measured and cut carefully.  There was *just* enough!  And here's the result.

The daisies began as my Rainbow Scrap Challenge design for the year. Either I've finished RSC or I'll need to select another block!

Just right!

I now have 6" strips of that pink millefiori and yardage of that periwinkle to use in another project.

Last but not least:  the One Monthly Goal for April.  Another tote bag!  This is for the  Gender Equity Fund , a project of AAUW-Illinois.  I'm on the GEF steering committee. The tote will be filled with advance reader copies of books (which I have in abundance from the ALA Midwinter Meeting in January) and raffled at the AAUW-IL convention in early May.

I'm perusing tote bag patterns. I've pulled some fabric, too.
I'm linking up with
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  1. Nice rainbow quilt top! Hope you have fun with that tote bag.

  2. It's beautiful. Love those blooms! LOL on the April Fool's humor.

  3. beautiful top You did a great work with those daisy blocks.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Options!!! I actually liked one and three. Looking forward to seeing how your bag turns out. Sorry about the deleted post, but I was in the middle of my response.

  6. The top of your daisy quilt looks awesome!

  7. Nice work on the RSC! That border is perfect!

  8. I likes the top with the Kaffe border until I saw it with the stripes...perfect! What a sweet quilt!

  9. You are right. The fourth option looked best. Great daisy quilt.

  10. Thanks for sharing your auditioning porocess - always interesting to see how other people choose fabrics for borders, binding etc. I can see why you used the border fabrics you did, lovely. Those daisy blocks are so pretty!

  11. Have fun with the tote bag. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck on your project!

  12. I am fresh out of paper fishes.. great job on your stash report. The daisy quilt is wonderful

  13. Really, OMG! You remember a saying from a Trixie Belden book? I'm so impressed. I have very few memories of the books I read as a child except titles, heck, series. Your stripe did enhance the flowers so much better than the other two choices. Good choice to change. I'm sure your friend will really like this lap quilt. Also, your fabric choices for the next tote bag are fabulous. I'm sure you'll have it done in no time.

  14. I love to see the decisions behind the finished work. It's not simple making these decisions is it? LeeAnna

  15. Wow - that is a lot of Ohio STar blocks! They are fantastic. The Daisy quilt is really so cute and colorful~!

  16. Beautiful Rainbow Scrap finish. So cheerful! What are you going to work on next?

  17. That new border for the daisies is perfect. It's amazing how adding that makes so much difference. It's a very fun quilt. Good luck with your April goals.


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