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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Orphan winners! and OMG progress

My Orphan Adoption was instructive.  What I learned was that people don't follow the instructions! I stated than in order to qualify to win the entrant needed to state which of the two sets of blocks she (or he) wanted and to provide her email address.  More than one person said "either set" and more than one person was a "no-reply" blogger.

However, other entrants did follow the instructions.  I used a random number generator to choose the winners.

Karen won the New York Beauty blocks.  Her blog is  Tu-Na Quilts .

Cathy in California won the Barn Dance blocks.

Congratulations to both Karen and Cathy -- and thanks to everyone who entered!

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I wrote that I needed to get going on my September OMG project:  Karleigh's t-shirt quilt.  Eva M was the high bidder for the t-shirt quilt I offer at the Rotary golf outing silent auction. Her granddaughter Karleigh brought the t-shirts over on Labor Day weekend.  I finally got to cutting and fusing and assembling.  Here's the result thus far.


  1. Wow sorry I missed your giveaway post. Love those barn dance blocks! What pattern or book are they from?

  2. Whew! As much as I wanted the NYB blocks, I'm glad I don't have another UFO! I won another one that I forgot I had entered!

  3. Yes, you got an education. I have found out that some of the people that win really don't want what they won, they just want to be a winner.

  4. good progress on your Tee shirt commission!It's going to look great with the greys and yellow.

  5. T shirt quilt is looking good! You have made nice progress there!

  6. Tshirt quilt looks great. I did my first one last week at retreat. Now I have 2 more to do. Yikes.


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