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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Vintage quilt inheritance

 Linda B hosted P.E.O. on Monday.  It was the first business meeting of the year and it was great to see everyone again! We live from one end of Lake County to the other (Linda B and I are at diagonal corners) and we're busy with families, jobs, church activities, and travels.

Linda's parents-in-law, Ruth and Dick, passed away earlier this year so her summer included helping to allocate the household goods.  She and her husband inherited five quilts.  Linda W (also a quilter) and I were delighted to see them.

 One was made from old clothing (early 20th century) [no photo] and two were made from 1930's fabrics. Here is one:

Linda B and Linda W with Grandpa Geist's quilt
 Two quilts took our breath away.

This log cabin has no batting. The fabric appears to be lightweight wool.  You can see a tag pinned to the lower left corner. It says, "Quilt from Grandpa Geist."  (That was Ruth's grandfather.  Ruth was born in Pennsylvania.)

Ruth's father was pastor of the Edison Park Evangelical & Reformed Church, later Edison Park United Church of Christ,  (The church closed this year: see this story).  Linda thinks that members of that congregation made this wonderful quilt.  The names are written in calligraphy, all by the same person.  The "wheels" were drawn in pencil, the names were inked in, and then the green outline embroidery was added.

Linda W and I urged Linda B to have these two quilts appraised and to label them with as much as she knows about them.  She said that she will!

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  1. Oh, thank you for sharing the legacy. good for her to get them labeled, too!


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