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Monday, September 26, 2016

Weekly update: pinwheels and asters

My favorite part of our lakefront is Camp Logan, the middle unit of Illinois Beach State Park .  Yesterday there were whitecaps on the lake.  On my trail walk I saw a frog in the grass. The asters are beautiful.

I won the giveaway in Cynthia's Orphan Adoption. Isn't this FQ bundle cheery?

I ran out of sashing fabric for the t-shirt quilt (see previous post).  I needed two strips for the top and bottom border.  Two local quilt shops did not have that specific print so I ordered more online.
While I wait for that I went back to the scrappy pinwheels.  

What I thought I'd do was make a skinny dark inner border and use the cream-on-cream fabric for the outer border.  However, I cut the setting triangles much larger than I needed. I didn't have enough of the COC for borders.  I could have no border, but I'd like the quilt to be a bit larger. (The flimsy is about 46 x 66.)

 I went to two visitations and a funeral last week for a 28-year-old woman (daughter of friends) and two friends' husbands (aged 68 and 80).  Sorrow and memories of lives well-lived.

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  1. I love your scrappy pinwheels - especially set on point like that! And your view of the water is wonderful!

  2. The scrappy pinwheels are great! Will make a terrific quilt.

  3. Boy, the water photo looks like it could be the ocean. Beautiful. Your scrappy pinwheel top is wonderful! I really like the pinwheels set on point.

  4. Depressing to run out of your fabric. But, thank goodness for the internet quilt shops! We are of the age where death claims our friends. Personally, I'm glad to be where I am in life and still going strong!

  5. Your pinwheels are wonderful...Thank you for your kind words on my Blog.

  6. Very fun scrappy pinwheels. It's such a pain to run out of fabric, but the border choices you have up should be great accents.

  7. super win nann! that is a nice bundle for sure....

  8. I absolutely LOVE your scrappy pinwheels! I, too, like setting blocks on-point! With those scrappy squares almost any color border would work, no? Either way, it's so warm and pretty!

  9. Your scrappy pinwheels are so colorful that any border you choose would be great and would enhance it as well as adding size. So many factors to consider in finishing a quilt. Good luck!


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