Sunday, April 19, 2015

Basement update

On  Monday morning the flooring contractor inspected the basement. The diagnosis: all the carpet had to go.  Also, the frames for four doors and a closet had taken on water so frames plus doors need to be replaced. He talked to the insurance agent and brought in the ServiceMaster manager. By Monday afternoon the ServiceMaster crew had boxed  the contents of my studio and hauled the boxes to the garage. They moved the larger furniture (sewing table, cutting table, treadle machine) to the laundry room.
              Note:  both the flooring contractor and the ServiceMaster mgr. *complimented me* on how well-organized the contents of the basement were. (Nothing special, just how I shelve                            fabric/magazines/books/stuff.) I asked them to repeat that to my husband. :)  They told some tales of work done in the homes of hoarders and near-hoarders.

 On Tuesday and Wednesday the flooring crew pulled up the carpet and scraped up the underlayment.  Industrial dehumidifiers were brought in.   The internet cable was stapled along the floor molding. When it was pulled to remove the damaged molding the internet/TV/phone service was cut off.  I went to the AT&T store for help and a patient service rep connected me to the repair call center. The AT&T tech came on Thursday. He was very helpful--not only did he reroute the interior wire (so it runs along the ceiling molding rather than the floor), but he also installed a new jack, upgraded the DVR box, and explained everything.

The replacement flooring is vinyl, wood-look ("elm").   When the basement is dry enough (one of the workers comes by every afternoon with a humidity measurer) they can install it and then replace the doors.


Libby in TN said...

Are you totally out of commission, sewing-wise, for the duration? Best to get it done properly. The vinyl will be so much easier to keep clean. Invest in a Swiffer right now if you don't already have one!

swooze said...

See it wasn't as bad as you thought. Also a great opportunity to rearrange when it all goes back if you want.

Bonnie said...

UGH! But congratulations on being so organized. Rather than a Swiffer, look at a large dust mop -- I think mine is made by Rubber Maid. I just pop off the cover and wash it rather than having to buy the covers. And, watch out for rolly chairs rolling really quickly! But it will be nice once all is done.