Monday, April 13, 2015

DWM: April showers bring blue fans.....and some finishes

See the water stains?
 We got 3" of badly-needed rain on Thursday. "The new sump pump runs so quietly," I observed to my husband.  After supper I went downstairs to sew. The sump pump was so quiet because the breaker had tripped and the pump wasn't pumping.   We used the shop vac to remove water from the concrete floor in the laundry room and the tile floor in the bathroom but the carpet in the family room (my studio) and the spare room (the Deep Stash + seasonal clothes storage) had taken a good soaking. I have a huge streak of optimism and I am grateful that (a) I caught the flood when I did and not a moment later, (b) it was only the circuit breaker (one click and the pump was back in business), (c) the basement floor has just enough slant that the water didn't get damage any fabric.                                            

We rented the fans from the hardware store (gratitude (d): hardware store is open until 8 p.m. on weekdays and had fans in stock that evening) and they've been blowing (noisily) ever since.

We've filed an insurance claim (we have extra coverage for sump pump failure).  What I really want to do is replace the carpet with vinyl.  The carpet was nearly new when I moved in. Of course the best time to replace any flooring is when the space is empty (as in, pre- or post-moving).  I have a LOT of stuff in those carpeted rooms. The flooring guy is coming today.
Boxes from the storage room crowding the cutting table

 BUT I did sew this week!  Pre-flood:  I finished Scrappy Joy.  Before and post-flood:  I finished Sparkling Diamonds -- quilted, bound, labeled, and presented to the AAUW past president who will present it to the AAUW outgoing president in May. (And the past president insists on compensating me (we settled on what a longarmer would have charged).)

We turned the fans off in order to be able to hear our Sunday TV shows (Call the Midwife, Mr. Selfridge, Wolf Hall).  I began setting some 30's 4- and 6-patch units that I made a few weeks ago.  I originally thought I'd use white for the setting squares. One of the boxes temporarily relocated from the storage room contains solids. This peach cotton was on top. Perfect for my project!   (Peach squares are 5" unfinished.)

It's Monday, the day to link up at Beth's Monday Making and Judy's  Patchwork Times

P.S. Lots of erosion at the beach.  I took these photos Sunday afternoon. Aren't these carrotty roots remarkable?


  1. Newsy Post! Sorry about the water, but love your positive attitude. The peach is perfect for your 30s squares. What kind of tree has carrot roots? In the south Sassafras has red under the bark.

  2. PS: I concur with your Sunday night viewing, except I can't stay awake for Wolf Hall. Hope to catch it On Demand.

  3. You got so much accomplished in spite of the water issue. I would love to see the flooring persons face when they see all your "stuff".

    1. I had a contractor do some work in my previous house. When I moved I hired him to work on this house. He had the same helper. The helper didn't realize he'd worked in both places, and told me, "Your basement looks like another lady's house."

  4. oooooh nooooo
    The whole problem will be mold if it doesn't dry up. How awful.
    We watch the same shows!! LeeAnna

  5. I feel your pain and thankful I don't have the same issues. Yea for being in the former attic! Serendipity was working with you as that peach is perfect with the quilt. I shall have to try at least some of your Sunday viewing line up. I tend to turn the tv off after 60 minutes. Sigh.

  6. I love your optimism Nann. I hope is dries quickly. Love that all of that didn't ruin your mojo. The peach is perfect! Your tree pictures are fabulous!

  7. Good luck with the cleanup. It seems things are pretty well corralled. I bet the flooring guys will have no problem moving things.

  8. After your last post I was thinking of you when we got more rain. Glad you caught it before it got too bad. And I Love the peach with the 30's in that quilt!

  9. Oh boy that was some storm on Thursday wasn't it? Your optimize is inspiring! We had a tiny bit of water in the basement and lucky for us it's where there was concrete floor and not wood or carpet. I was on the train heading home to McHenry when they said it was headed right for us. The storm went a bit north and certainly slowed down from what it was in Rochelle and Fairdale. Glad you caught the sump pump issue when you did, always beware of a quiet sump pump when it's storming out.

  10. Congratulations on staying so focused and so upbeat throughout the flooding crisis, I would've been a train wreck.I think that the peach solid is lovely on the 1930's top, good choice!


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