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Sunday, April 19, 2015

The sew must go on

Sewing centers me. When I'm upset or I feel displaced I cut up some fabric. As I sew the pieces together I calm down and regain equilibrium.

Knowing that, and faced with the prospect of not having access to my stash for two weeks (see the previous posts for details), I created a sewing room in exile.  It's also our office, which is already full of files and books. I chose my Pfaff rather than the Featherweight or the 301 just in case I want to do zigzag. I kitted up (is "kit up" a real phrase?) some fabric to get a start on a few scrappy projects.  I made sure to include spools of thread, extra rotary cutter blades, pins, and sewing machine needles.

I pieced and assembled Safari Strings.  It is this month's HeartStrings flimsy.\ (One of my 2015 goals is to make 48 HS blocks each month, enough for a "standard" HS quilt. Click on the HeartStrings label to see the others.)  The animal prints are left over from the quilt I made for DGD's graduation last year (this one).   I didn't have enough of any one animal print for the center strips, so I used a black printed with coppery-gold suns.  Each HS top (strips plus fabric foundations) uses 8 yards.

Now underway: I'm sewing 7"x 1.5" blue strips into sixes, then trimming the blocks to 6.5".  I'm not sure how I'll assemble them.

I'm linking up with other quiltmakers at Judy's Patchwork Times and Beth's Love Laugh Quilt


  1. yeeech! a big project indeed but sounds like all getting done in good time. i am still without my quilty stuff with no end in sight, but could be soon....sigh...we will keep calm and carry on together!

  2. Oh Nann, you are bearing up so very well! I'm glad that the AT&T tech was so very wonderful. What a good idea to get those connections up OFF the floor level for the future. Thanks for the progress photos, the process is as fascinating as any train wreck, you hafta look.
    Your sewing projects look like great fun to keep your mind filled with colors and patterns rather than problems. I sew understand!

  3. I agree with you Nann, sewing is my zen, it makes everything better. Such a big job for those workers and your organization was a huge help. I bet they tell your story in the future. Good luck with the next steps. You'll be back in your space in no time. Love you HS quilt! Someone is going to feel very special.

  4. Nann, it looks great! And I'm the same way; without my machine and fabric, I go a little bit bonkers. The kids will actually tell me to go sew! Sounds like you made the right plans for your two weeks in exile.

  5. so nice to have a niche in your exile. I tend to bring sewing with me when I can. I so agree with how centered I feel when sewing. Do you quilt your HS quilts? Where do you send them? Just curious. I admire your determination on those quilts. And, 8 yards of fabric. YEEE Haw!

  6. Sewing in exile -- I love it! It's unfortunate that you're banished from your studio while repairs are being made, but I'm glad you had the opportunity to assemble supplies and materials so you can keep stitching in the meantime. I'm getting over a broken collar bone and broken thumb currently and I wish I had known I was going to hurt myself in advance. Then I could have made myself an Invalid Quilter Kit so I could at least get some machine piecing done. No way I can use a rotary cutter safely, let alone accurately, with my right arm in a sling and a splint on my left thumb! Of course, if I knew ahead of time that I would fall on my bike that day, I would have stayed home and spent the day sewing instead... :-)

  7. I love the quilting in exile story,made me smile tonight! Ok I looked at safari stars and I can't believe those string blocks are left overs from that one. Both are equally stunning. That HS quilt really grabbed my eye, it's a beauty! At least you're not exiled in Siberia, I hear the snow is North of us tonight!! Hope the flooring gets installed soon.

  8. Your temp. sewing center looks like the setup that I have had when staying in a motel for more than one night. I thing the sound of the sewing machine makes me relax and then the plus is that I am getting something made. I hope your repairs go smoothly.


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