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Monday, October 20, 2014

DWM: another Christmas project underway

Update -- the Zion Woman's Club bunco party Saturday evening was great fun. I donated the Quiltmaker BTS quilt and two tote bags (with 5 advance reader copies in each) to the silent auction.  None brought a lot of money but I was happy to contribute them (and get them out of the house).  

As far as I can reckon this will be the tenth year that I have contributed a quilt to raffle at the AAUW- Waukegan Area Branch holiday party.  Some years the designs come to me early or easily or both.  (Joyful Noise, the 2013 quilt, was assembled in March and quilted shortly thereafter.*) Other years I have a hard time choosing blocks to make or deciding on a setting.   This is one of the "other" years.  If you read my blog regularly you know that I just made a Christmas quilt for a raffle at my church. Of course I could have used the blocks in that quilt for AAUW. But then I'd have had to come up with something for the church. [Church quilt due date is November 15. AAUW party is December 13.]

I saw a pattern called Scottie Toss in the Keepsake catalog.  Hmmm. How would the blocks look in Christmas colors?  I studied the picture to figure out the sizes to cut the pieces. (They are:  6" square; 2 side strips 2.5 x 6"; 2 side strips 2.5 x 10"; center strip 1.5 x 10"  and 1.5 x 11".)   Here's what I had by the end of our Sunday evening PBS-watching.**

Other progress: I have quilted the center of the red rail fence quilt.  I don't know how much farther I will get this week because I have several non-quilt assignments that I have put off for too long.

*The 2013 winner lived in another town, so I mailed the quilt to her, insured for $200. Someone stole it from her doorstep. It turns out that the insurance has to be OVER $200 to require a signature for pickup. I claimed the loss, USPS had proof of delivery (to the doorstep). Not their fault if it got stolen.  Alas. Fortunately it was a raffle so the winner was only out the $10 she paid for tickets.

** Last evening The Paradise (BBC adaptation of Zola's novel: how much is English and how much is French?) and Masterpiece Mystery were followed by Chicago Time Machine -- a lively compendium of local history stories.

See what other quiltmakers are working on at Judy's  Patchwork Times .


  1. How sad that your quilt was stolen from it's recipient. Your new Christmas project is going to be lovely. And your cutting table looks like mine does right now!

  2. I can't show what I'm making for Christmas just yet. I DVR-ed Paradise last night. I enjoy a bit of BBC while I sit a read blogs.

  3. It is such a toss up to ship quilts. I always worry when I mail a quilt off for a whatever reason. I generally don't tell anyone what is in the box unless i have to say for customs or insurance. It's hard to know what is the best way to ship something like a quilt.


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