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Monday, October 27, 2014

Quilt show!

The progression of a quilt show could be graphed.  From the idea (a tiny point in the lower left corner of the graph) to the decisions of date, venue, name, committees – each another data point. There are ups when details are confirmed (“all the vendor spaces are sold”….”raffle permit approved”….”25 boxes of magazines for sale”….”we have enough fabric to make 80 pillow cases”).  There are downs when plans change (“her daughter’s wedding is the day of the show”….”no credit cards?”….”32 bed-sized quilts are entered!”).   Optimism prevails, the ups exceed the downs, and by the show’s end everyone is happy (albeit exhausted).

This past weekend was the Northern Lake County Quilters Guild show, Lake County Impressions XII.  For years we held the show on the odd year. That competed with another local guild show so we skipped 2013 and are now on even years.   This was the third time we have held the show at the Round Lake Beach Cultural and Civic Center which is relatively centrally-located in northern Lake County.  We had a raffle quilt, a boutique, a silent auction, and a vendor mall in addition to 173 quilts on view. 

I won two ribbons.  I sold two quilts for more than I spent on secondhand books and magazines and fabric from the vendors.

 Many hands (and husbands) make light work for setup.

Joan's Easy Street in 30's fabrics 


Marilyn's Loyal Union Sampler (J. Chiaverini) --   Members' Choice

Another beauty by Marilyn 

Irene's arrows

Rose's appliqued yo-yos

Nancy's mini Amish

Jonnie's 10yo granddaughter made the blocks

Not quilted -- all embroidered! 
 Susan and Hilda created these all-embroidered works. No piecing, just rayon-thread embroidery.

More all-embroidery 


This is a screen-print by a printer, quilted by Irene

 Star of Bethlehem -- Marge began this 10 years ago and finished it the week before the show. It is *hand-pieced* and hand-quilted. It won Viewer's Choice.
There were first-second-third places in each of the 13 quilt categories.  Aren't the "ribbons" cute? (And much cheaper than commercial award ribbons.) I won 3rd place with Batik Boxes and 2nd place for Tumalo Trail.


  1. I love local quilt shows! Congrats on your two ribbons.

  2. Your quilt show looks great. There is a lot of variety. You deserve the ribbons. Those are great quilts.

  3. Congrats!! It looks like all the hard work was very worth it. Great show!

  4. Thanks for sharing your local quilt show! 13 categories would be so nice! We only get to choose two favorites for Viewer's choice. I know what a "work" it is to get a quilt show up and going. I'm a quilt show Volunteer.

  5. Thanks for sharing the pictures and congrats on your ribbons

  6. Congrats on the ribbons. Thanks for sharing those great quilts. It must have been quite a show.


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