Thursday, December 19, 2013

2014 challenges!

Barbara at Cat Patches is hosting a NewFO challenge for 2014.  I thank Sophie and Theresa for the link to Barbara's site.  The purpose is to begin at least one project each month to capture the creative impulse before it evaporates.  Finishing is optional though encouraged.  Those of you who have followed my posts in 2013, or if you just click on the "flimsy completion" tab at the top of the blog, know that I've finished many pre-2013 projects and I have started and finished many more in 2013 alone. 

Each year I create a list of quilt obligations.  "Obligations" sounds harsh, but I think of them as opportunities rather than burdens.  I contribute quilts as community fundraisers every year.  Gift-giving events come up, too.  I have the design/pattern in mind for some of these. For others it's TBD. 

Here's my list, in the order that they're due:

1.  Commission quilt -- for a family who are avid Pittsburgh Steelers fans.  I don't know them, but a colleague's sister asked me if I would. (I've made quilts on commission for the colleague and the sister [ here and here].)   Steelers = black, gold, and white.  I've begun making these stars following a pattern in a back issue of Fons & Porter. 

2.  T-shirt quilt #1 -- I offered to make a t-shirt quilt as a raffle prize for the ZB Run Squad. At each of the runs this season people bought raffle tickets. The winner was drawn after the Full Moon Run earlier this month.  I've e-mailed him but haven't heard back. I will wait until after Christmas to follow up.

3. T-shirt quilt #2 -- for one of the mainstays of the ZB Run Squad committee.  It's a surprise for her.

4.  AAUW-IL convention -- I contribute a quilt that the Waukegan Area Branch raffles. Proceeds benefit AAUW projects like the Legal Advocacy Fund
**Note: this quilt is already finished! It's Orca Bay, the Quiltville mystery from early 2012.**

4. LCWFF -- that's short for Lulu Corkhill Williams Friendship Fund, a project of P.E.O.-Illinois.  LCWFF provides grants for emergency assistance to women and men in Illinois.  The recipients are recommended by P.E.O. chapters. I'm one of the three committee members who reviews the applications and determines the amount of the award (up to $2400).  I volunteered to make a quilt to raffle to both raise funds and awareness.
**You can read more about P.E.O.   here and learn about Lulu  here **

4. Zion Township Senior Fair -- I always make a lap-sized quilt as a door prize.  (The past two years the winners have come to find me at the library to thank me, which is so sweet.)

5.  Rotary Golf Outing -- mid-May -- our club's major fundraiser

6. Granddaughter's high school graduation --  Her mom (my stepdaughter) says she likes animal prints. That has given me an excuse to shop, though I know it will mean that I will acquire a lot more than I will use in this quilt.

7.  ALA Annual Conference -- the ALA Biblioquilters collaborate on quilts that are sold in a silent auction at the conference. Proceeds go to the Hoy Scholarship Fund.  In addition to making blocks for group quilts I will contribute a quilt of my own.

8.  Literacy Volunteers of Lake County -- a quilt as a raffle prize at their Literacy Walk in September

9. Corporate Community Spelling Bee -- in November.  This is a big fundraiser for the Coalition for Healthy Communities 

10. P.E.O. Christmas party -- my chapter has an ornament/gift exchange.  I made a banner  this year

11.  AAUW holiday party -- I contribute a raffle quilt for Christmas, too. 


12.  I'm joining Sophie's Tea Towel Challenge which has an end date of March. 

13, 14, 15.....To be determined. I know I'll come up with something that I just have to make!

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Teresa in Music City said...

So glad you decided to join in on the 2014 NewFO fun!!! Can't wait to see all your fun starts :*)