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Friday, November 15, 2013

The winning word

The winning word was
Sarah, Nann, Steffi

Last evening (November 14) seventeen teams competed in the 8th annual Corporate Community Spelling Bee to benefit the Coalition for Healthy Communities.  We went through several rounds before anyone misspelled....then it got down to four teams....then to two:  The Zion-Benton Public Library Spellbinders vs. the Zion-Benton Township High School Bees.  We went back and forth for three rounds.  We'd both spell our words wrong, we'd both spell the next words right.  In Round 15 we got gymkhana right.  They got carpaccio wrong. 

ZBPL won the trophy in 2007 and 2010.  Do we have an every-third-year pattern established?

P.S. I contributed Diamond Stamps as a raffle prize. When I made it  the fall colors put me in mind of the Spelling Bee which is always in November.  In turn, I won a portrait sitting from a local photographer, which will be great since DH and I have not had a professional portrait taken for many years.

*  In case you haven't read many 1950's-era juvie novels about horseback riding lately, here's the definition:    a meet featuring sports contests or athletic skills
a: competitive games on horseback
b: a timed contest for automobiles featuring a series of events designed to test driving skill
Origin:  probably modification of Hindi gẽdkhāna & Urdu gendkhāna, literally, ball court
First Known Use: 1877

(I didn't know about the automobiles until I looked it up.

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  1. Lets hear it for really good spellers. Since word processing and spell checkers I've gotten better because I've paid attention to how a word is corrected but I'm still not the greatest speller in the world.


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