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Sunday, November 10, 2013

DWM: a finish, an idea, ornaments, and apples

Finish #32:  the Daisy Basket wallhanging I made in September. Members of our chapter signed signature blocks that I quilted into the back.

These 5" blocks are left over from Postage Stamp Stars .  I am still making scrappy 3" nine patches as leaders-and-enders.  Here is the set-up next to my sewing machine. (The base is the bottom of a Whitman's Sampler box.)

On Tuesday morning I went to Tuesday Morning (the overstock store). There were a dozen different Leisure Arts titles in the book section for $2.50 each (original price $19.95).  Of course I bought several.  In one, by Debbie Mumm, I found the ideal pattern for this year's Christmas ornament.  (I make 60 of them for all the library staff, trustees, and volunteers.)   These will be 4" when they're finished.

The lower picture shows the cutout shapes with the fusible web backing removed. 
There's an apple tree in the hedge in front of a currently-empty, for-sale house about two blocks away along my walking route. I picked up a windfall, tasted it, and found it wonderfully sweet. I gathered a bag and made an apple crisp and then a pie.  They're small, about 2" in diameter, too tedious to peel.  This afternoon we went back with a big bag and harvested all of these.  We're going to have a hard frost in the next couple of days so we were just in time.

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  1. You have been busy. Everything looks great!

  2. good for you for collecting those apples....john chapman would be soooo happy! and i agree on the faceted jewels quilt...i have been tempted by that pattern for some time as well....

  3. Once again you are tempting me...I may have to run into town to see what books are available at my local Tuesday Morning.... I am looking forward to seeing the finished ornaments. So far they look great. You are so organized with your pieces.

  4. I'm making 1" 4 patches as my L/E project for Bonnie's Mystery.....I really like your appliqued ornies, the birds are precious...What a nice gift to give....


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