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Sunday, May 26, 2013

DWM: 17th finish + quilts sold

 In December I went to an estate sale and bought, among other fabric, a log cabin UFO. I completed the last two cabins and considered several ways to set them. There was enough of the red print fabric to make just as many 3" 9-patch blocks as would fit.  The yellow plaid setting fabric and the borders came from my stash.  Here is how the 60 x 60 flimsy looked: 

Each time I thought about it, I realized I didn't like the straight furrows setting.  It was too strongly diagonal, emphasized by the strong contrast in the blocks.  

This week I un-stitched the blocks and rearranged them in a barn-raising setting.  I think it looks MUCH better.   I pieced a backing, basted it, and here is the finished result.  (The quilting is straight lines in the logs, continuous curves in the inner border, loop-and-vine in the middle border, parallel lines in the outer border.)   

This is my 17th finish for 2013.

  Chicago-area librarians have small exhibit each year shown in several area libraries.  Several of my quilts were in the most recent show.  A man who saw them at the Skokie Public Library offered to buy two!  I sold these:  Cubed Batiks ($50) and  Leftovers ($125)
The proceeds went into my savings account -- saving for a quilty day.
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  1. Lovey finish on your Barn Raising log cabin. I rally like the nine patch me ideas.
    Congrats on the sales!
    Take care!

  2. Congratulations on the fine finish and the quilty booty from the sales! I admire your careful design decisions, thank you for sharing your thought processes here.
    I also truly appreciate the one close-up shot of the quilting and the fabrics, so that I can see what you've described in your text and understand what you are talking about, especially on the quilting. You do such lovely work, Nann!

  3. What a difference that made-lovely!

  4. The result is stunning. What an eye you have to make all the fabrics work in the right direction. Congrats on selling your work.


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