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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Too late now!

Like thousands of other people, I got started with Internet photo-sharing with Webshots. It was free and easy to use.  From 2004 to 2008 I posted quilt photos in my WS album. (I used it for pictures from our 2007 trip to Newfoundland, too.) When I got a new computer in 2008 I didn't bother to download the Webshots software and instead used the an introductory (free) version of Photoshop. I started this blog in late 2008 and now post photos here (using Picasa, when Blogger decided it didn't want to accept the Photoshop pictures). 

I didn't bother to tell Webshots when I changed ISPs. Therefore I missed emails that they sent last fall.  Yesterday I tried to retrieve a quilt picture from 2006 and found out that Webshots no longer exists: " was scheduled to be closed last fall, and the company has been acquired by its original founders, who are introducing a new family photo sharing service called Smile. As of December, 2012, all photos and videos have been removed from the Webshots website and are no longer accessible. We are sorry if you did not receive our emails or see our announcements on the website, blog, and Facebook page."

If you had a Webshots account and didn't have your photos saved elsewhere, your digital photos got pruned, too!  And now I know that I *really* need to "do something" to consolidate and edit my digital photos.  I'll be spending some time with Picasa!



  1. And I so miss webshots. I never figured out smile to save my pictures. I lost SO many pics!

  2. I actually have an external hard drive with photos (plus some of the really important ones on CD). That's in addition to Flickr (but I do intensely dislike the new Flickr interface).

    What happened to you shows the inherent problem of relying on "the cloud" as the only place to store information.

  3. Oh that's terrible. I now store my photos on It's not free but I don't have a worry about it getting lost or going away. They back up on several servers and unlimited storage for $40/year


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