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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Holiday sewing on a rainy day

Hoary puccoon at Hosah Beach (Zion)
Iris in our front garden
Outdoor activity on Memorial Day was hampered by rain and chilly temperatures.  Indoors I could have done homework (three book reviews (for the ALA conference at the end of June) and an audiobook review (due last week, but I didn't finish listening to it until this weekend)).  I chose to sew.

The HeartStrings group had a weekend sew-in.  I had 25 HS blocks already made.  I made 23 more and created this 48-block quilt. The quilting is an overall meander with lavender thread.

This is finish #18 for 2013.

I transformed a free totebag. The nylon trim (bottom and handles) is more resistant to wear than quilting-weight cotton. (I had trouble getting the lining to fit smoothly, though.....gotta work on that with the next totebag.)
Here's what's under the needle now: "Little Dipper" from early 2008.  I got it basted and began quilting it last evening.   I don't have much sewing time the rest of this week but it feels good to have this underway.

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  1. Love the string quilt. They are so addicting. Did you sew fabric over the top of the tote fabric or only use the bottom and straps?


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