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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Ugliest fabric ever? and a new flimsy and garden bounty

Few fabrics are truly ugly.  I think this is one of them. This Marikmekko print was on the giveaway table at the guild meeting on Wednesday.  I took a yard and another guild member took a yard. We're having a little challenge to see if either of us can make a silk purse out of this sow's ear.  
The other Marimekko print is more appealing, though still unconventional.  It was also on the giveway table. 
Here is Rick Rack Batik with borders!  The orange border batik is a new purchase.
Tomatoes from our garden
Parsnips from the farmer's market. We love parsnips!

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  1. Oh my, those two are ghastly, aren't they?
    I'm jealous of your tomatoes so red and ripe. Our 36 plants have yielded only a handful of tomatoes.
    And your Rick Rack looks even better with those borders. I admire your design courage to use that deeply saturated teal inner border which I would never have thought of. It works! good job!


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