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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Wisconsin Quilt Expo

"Eternity" by AGD Pat Hilderbrand
With Karen D.
This was the first year that my schedule permitted me to go to the Wisconsin Quilt Expo in Madison.  I picked up Mary B., whom we met on our Isle Royale trip, at her home in Milwaukee.  We arrived at the Alliant Center just after 9 a.m.  We spent the morning looking at quilts and the afternoon shopping.   The exhibit ranged from exquisite to ho-hum.  There was quite a variety.  I was pleasantly surprised to see a quilt made by an Alpha Gamma Delta sister from my own chapter--I hadn't known that she is a quiltmaker. 

I met Karen D. from western Wisconsin. We're on several online quilting lists and had not met in person.

I take quilt photos because I want to remember particular techniques or designs.  I usually forget who made them.  I also have a 4" stack of printed photos from quilt shows in years past.  I can't bring myself to throw them out even though I only look at them if I happen to come across them in the box where they are stored.   

There were fabric bargains to be had. I indulged in batiks (6 yards and 30 FQ) and others (9 yds and 4 FQ) for an average price of $6.23 per yard.
This was a nice show. I hope I can return next year.


  1. If you come back, we will have to "do lunch". It was fun meeting my cyber friend!

  2. How wonderful to see you both after all the trading blocks and swaps we've done! Nann, those fabrics look fine, glad you scored some bargains.
    Vic in NH

  3. Why don't you scan the photos? In cleaning out some stuff, I have found some photos which are now in my "scan" pile. Then I will have them on my laptop, and on the external hard drive for back up. Digital stuff is easier to carry around.


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