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Monday, September 3, 2012

DWM: leading up to Labor Day

 We were up early enough on Friday to go to the beach to catch the sunrise (6:16 a.m.)   The remnant of Hurricane Isaac gave us less than a half-inch of rain -- but also a high surf yesterday.  It was almost like the ocean! (But, as my husband points out, fresh water doesn't smell the same.)

Labor Day is a day "on" for me and by extension for my husband.  The Mayor's Prayer Breakfast is from 8:00-10:00. (The event is theologically to the right of us, but this is a politically important event in the community.)  The library has a float in the Jubilee Days Parade in the afternoon. We have 100 lbs of candy to toss at the crowd, which numbers as high as 15,000. 

Of course I'd rather be messing with fabric.  Here's the update from my studio.

If I can't resist adding to my stash, at least I can try for bargains. These came from a thrift shop--9-1/2 yards for $12.00.  

I was channeling Bonnie Hunter when I scored these sport shirts at Salvation Army--$4.16 for both of them.  Many of you know that Bonnie recently led a quilters' tour of Bali. This shirt may have been a souvenir from a previous trip.  (Take a look at the label.  How often can you identify the original owner of a thrift shop item?  Here is more about  Helmuth.)   This orange Ralph Lauren print was too good to pass up.
 And, finally, here's what's on my design wall. 
These are the batik 9-patches I mentioned last week. The pattern is Bonnie Hunter's Rick Rack Nines, but set horizontally.  I had one yard of yellow/orange batik for the setting squares and that determined how many 9-patches I needed. This is 44 x 54.  I have to attach the corner triangles and trim it.  I don't know what the border fabric will be.

Check out what other quiltmakers are doing this holiday weekend at Judy's Patchwork Times.



  1. That cheddar is glorious! Happy labor day!

  2. I could not believe you found info on the owner of that shirt!! Stunned. I have not ever thought to do that!!

    Your quilt top is beautiful!! Have a great day!

  3. how spooky is this..i was just looking at rick rack nines yesterday...have to wait until i get some background fabric but i love yours with batiks...delish!

  4. Beautiful sunrise picture! Great thriftshop finds. The rickrac nines looks so different set horizontally - brilliant :)


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