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Sunday, March 18, 2012

DWM: Bag Lady Swap

I've joined five online friends in a Bag Lady Swap. The guidelines are simple:  choose some fabric and make a couple of blocks from it. Then send the blocks, some additional fabric, and notes with design suggestions to the next person on the list.  Those suggestions may be strictly or loosely interpreted as the Bag Lady sees fit.  The packages are sent from person to person so that eventually the other five participants will contribute to the mix. (It's like a Round Robin quilt but unassembled.)   I was supposed to get my blocks and fabric sent out at the beginning of March. The person sending to me was on the ball and her box arrived a week ago. 

I auditioned fabrics.  I looked at books of quilt blocks. I made a sample block and decided that I wouldn't like a whole quilt based around it.  In short, I was stressing a lot over something that is supposed to be fun.  When that happens I turn around twice (figuratively speaking) and take a deep breath. 

Eureka! I chose the Cake Stand block and polka dot fabric. It was hard to stop at three sample blocks! These are 8".

I figured out that one block can be made from two 10" squares (with scraps left over). So I'm sending an assortment of polka dot squares that the Bag Ladies can use, or mix with their own, or not use.

I'm sending strips in case the Bag Ladies want to make alternate blocks or sashing or something.

I'm adding gifts as an inspirational incentive. :)

Meanwhile, here are the fabrics and the two starter blocks that Carla sent me. Her theme is Girl Scouts. I am nearly finished with the blocks I'm making for her, but I'm not showing them. It's a surprise!

 Check out what other quiltmakers are working on at Judy's Patchwork Times.


  1. This looks like a fun swap! It will be interesting to see how all the blocks evolve.

  2. What a fun swap. Love those polka dots!


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