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Sunday, March 25, 2012

DWM: Sewing Expo, a finish, and simply scrappy

On Saturday my friend Irene and I went to the Original Sewing and Quilt Expo at the convention center in northwest suburban Schaumburg. We'd never been to the show before. According to the website ( it's been around since 1995. As I recall it used to emphasize garment sewing, with a wave to quiltmaking. The website says that the brand/company is now owned by Creative Crafts Group, which also owns Quilters Newsletter, McCall's Quilting, Fons & Porter, and their "easy/quick" offshoots, as well as the Keepsake Quilting shop. New ownership + market changes (more quilters than fashion sewers) + the departure of the Quilts Inc. show (which used to be at Rosemont/Chicago, this year again in Cincinnati) = more emphasis on quilting. 
Admission was just $10.00 and parking was free. There were several quilt exhibits  -- quilts from Quiltmaker and Fons & Porter magazines; art quilts by Susan Shie; art quilts about racism (thought-provoking) <>; ; a selecton of 'modern' quilts; and a PAQA (Professional Art Quilt Alliance) series of small quilts on different kinds of science (mitochondrial DNA to oceanography).  [There were big signs warning, "No photography."] 
What we both noted was how uncrowded it was compared to the Rosemont show. We had lunch at the concessions stand on the exhibit floor and had no trouble getting a seat. We didn't sign up for any classes. There were more than 100 vendors but the aisles were not jam-packed. The traffic seemed so light that I asked a couple of the vendors how business was. They did not seem to be disappointed, though they both said Friday was busier than Saturday. 
Lime and other bright green; gray and black
Batiks and some that I just had to have
I don't need another t-shirt but I do like this slogan
We did our part to keep the vendors in business. I spent under $200 -- 15-7/8 yds of fabric, a t-shirt (see photo), and a jacket pattern (Tabula Rasa by Fit for Art Patterns ). (This is the third "last jacket pattern you'll ever need" I have; maybe this one will be.)  I was a piker compared to Irene who reckoned she spent nearly $800. I need to go to more quilt shows with her. :) 
I finished the Kaleidoscope quilt Saturday evening -- quilted and bound!  While tidying up I found three panels of 2.5" (2" finished) squares sewn as leaders-and-enders.  I considered sewing more squares...but got to thinking.  I went to the 2.5" HST box and here is what resulted.  When I add the bottom rows of HSTs this will be 64 x 56. (Or 56 x 64 when it's vertical. )   
See what other quiltmakers are working on thisDesign Wall Monday.                                  


  1. Love the scrap quilt, Nann. It's time I began using leaders and enders....I've hardly been sewing lately for some reason so I feel quite unproductive. Maybe I need some new fabric to inspire me!

  2. You have a way of designing that makes scrappy look soooo dang good!

  3. The quilt on the design wall reminded me of confetti falling down. It looks like a great way to use scraps.

  4. You were quite restrained in your shopping :-) Love those scrappy squares and triangles. That will be one fun quilt when it's done.

  5. I almost ended up at the sewing expo on Sat. But my daughter talked me into going to IKEA. It was a zoo there, would much rather have been at the sewing expo :( That scrap quilt is amazing. Love the lime color fabrics.

  6. Your scrap quilt is wonderful - I love the mixture of the squares with the HST.

    I love going to shows with friends like the one you went with - makes me not feel so bad! :)


  7. I was surprised there weren't very many people, (and glad) but there werent very many quilts either, not like a big show. I did have fun, but would have been happy with a bit more, it sounded like it was going to be more clothes. But I did like the fashion show. Have all the names, so have to look them up!
    Oh, and nice quilt. Fun.

  8. Just found your blog via Quiltville's Quips & Snips!! Enjoyed your post.


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