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Sunday, March 11, 2012

DWM: Kaleidoscope

Our granddaughter will graduate from high school this June, which provides the occasion for a quilt!  Her favorite colors are purple and turquoise.  Both are in good supply in my fabric stash. I did have to buy the outer border fabric (though it was the only thing I bought that shopping trip). 
The 8" (finished) kaleidoscope blocks are paper pieced using a pattern from a 2008 issue of Fons & Porter.  The trimmings yielded a quantity of triangles that will find their way into another project.
The flimsy is 70 x 70.  (One of the blocks is placed incorrectly. Can you find it?  I didn't until I took the photograph.)
You can see what other quiltmakers are up to at Judy's Patchwork Times !


  1. What a great graduation quilt! And nope I couldn't find the incorrectly placed block. The colors and the pattern cause such great movement through the quilt, my eyes were going all over it. Wonderful!

  2. I can't find it either. The quilt is great.

  3. Beautiful Job!... No I Can't find it so don't tell me..I'll just keep Staring and one of those pictures..Haha.. So I wouldn't think about that one anymore!! :)

  4. Love your colors of your kaleidoscope quilt.

  5. This is wonderful!! Is it the center block?

  6. I came to tell you how much I liked your scrappy triangles but I love this one too. When the same fabric can be either the darker or the lighter fabric, it is easy to make a mistake. I did the same on a wedding quilt I made last year.


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