Thursday, June 1, 2023

Twenty years at home


Twenty years ago this week I was getting ready for my first P.E.O. state convention.  I was the chapter president and thus a delegate. To add to that bustle of activity I had just moved into this house so most of my possessions were in boxes and I hadn't yet finalized where all the furniture would go.

Ten years ago I wrote a blog post about the ten-year anniversary of the move.  This week marks the 10th anniversary of my move to our house in Winthrop Harbor.*  It is the longest time I have lived in any one house/dwelling in my life.   The house in Northbrook was "home" from 1962-2002, but I actually lived there only from 1962 until I went away to college in 1970. I returned for breaks and for two summers, but from the fall of 1972 on I no longer lived there.  

Growing up I lived in an apartment (Chicago), our first Northbrook house, another apartment (Glenview), and then "home" again in Northbrook.   In college I lived in a dorm room, my sorority house, and two summer apartments. As an independent adult I've lived in two apartments (Brenham), a mobile home and a house (Pittsburg), two houses (Portland and Auburn), two houses (one rented, one owned) (Fargo), and finally two houses in Illinois including the one that inspired this post.

(*MY move to OUR house because we had a commuter marriage for two decades. When Stevens retired at the end of 2008 he moved in with me.)   This is the longest he's ever lived in the same house, too.  (Two growing-up houses in Summit, NJ, and then Maine, Michigan, New Hampshire, Kansas, Maine, North Dakota, Illinois, Wisconsin -- and back to Illinois.)

And now I'm preparing for another P.E.O. convention!  It's just an hour away so I don't have to leave until noon tomorrow.  

Front and back, now and then.

More has changed inside than out but I don't have comparison photos.   


  1. What a lovely ranch house you have. I really love ranch house living--all on one floor is the way to go...hugs, Julierose

  2. Your home looks very inviting and comfortable. Your post prompted me to think about how many different places I've lived - 3 states (Minnesota, Iowa, South Dakota) plus Washington DC, 10 different houses/apartments/dorm.

  3. you are so blessed....moving often is not fun at long-time friends, no history anywhere...feeling like you don't belong anywhere...

  4. I lost track after 22 different homes in six states. A lot of living over the years! I hope we never have to move again!

  5. I lived in the same house on a dairy farm my first 17 years, 2 years at another farm, then 3 rentals in the town I live in now for 11 years and finally a purchased house I have lived in for 51 years. I still live 25 miles from where I was born. You have been such a traveler and are an extrovert. I enjoy reading about all of your adventures.

  6. I've just hit 32 years in this house, I did less moving than you and have lived in seven houses, two of those for university. I think I will move at least once more, the public transport here is poor so it's difficult when you don't drive. Somewhere I have the paper and shiny photo leaflet that we had when we bought the house, I'm still on the same kitchen because I can't face the disruption of change.

  7. Seeing your house reminds me how disappointed I was when our family moved to a newly built ranch house in 1952 and there were no horses on the "ranch." I moved 8 times in the 12 years of my first marriage (which partly explains my divorce). Only 4 times in the last 42 years and two of those moves were to care for aging parents.

  8. Wow, that's a lot of moving! I think I've move more than enough but it's only been five times. I swear I won't do it again. Your home looks very much like the one we lived in prior to moving to this apartment.


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