Friday, June 2, 2023

Friday check in: bookshelf OMG q/b/l

When I was at the library earlier this week I had a chat with Peggy who said she's retiring.  Her last day is June 10.  She's been a mainstay of the youth services department for many years.   Time for me to make a bookshelf quilt! 

  I've lost count of the bookshelves I've 'constructed" -- 40-plus,  I think.  I've given them to coworkers who earned their MLS degrees, to trustees who completed their terms, and to coworkers (now former coworkers (I retired in 2014)) upon their retirements.  

  In 2004 I purchased the book pattern from Christine Thresh ( -- I don't know if the website is active.  I've certainly gotten my money's worth from it.

This was going to be my June OMG but I finished it last evening -- quilted, bound, and labeled. 

My novelty stash.  I don't add to it but it doesn't seem to diminish very much.

Come back on Monday for my OMG declaration.

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  1. How perfect for recognizing librarian landmarks! Thank you for sharing it!


  2. Love the bookcase! Perfect for a librarian. Librarians have helped me immensely my whole life and they all deserve quilts. I need to look up that pattern. Enjoy the weekend!

  3. Such a cute quilt - and perfect for a librarian for sure.

  4. Great bookshelf and very special gift.

  5. Oh what a wonderful gift for a librarian! It's perfect! Wishing you a happy Sunday!

  6. That is just so sweet of you to do - and what a great memory quilt for her!!!

  7. What a fun quilt! You work fast.

  8. That quilt is just perfect. I searched for the website and the designer, but it looks like her journey has taken a different turn. I could not find any link to a pattern, though her profile still says she is a quilt designer! I might have to just wing it!


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