Thursday, October 7, 2021

I Like Thursday: trip preparation, guild rummage sale, and donation follow up

 We leave tomorrow morning for our trip east -- Road Scholar and granddaughter's wedding with sight seeing before, between, and after.  No blog posts until the end of October. . . . and no time for wildflower or even garden photos!

While I'm away my sewing machine will be in the shop for a much-needed cleaning. 

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Last evening our guild had a members' rummage sale.  $20 per table.  I split with Irene -- I had a table and a half and  she had the other half.  I packed boxes with books, patterns, notions, kits, and fabric. Every time I turned around I found something else I thought I could live without.  [Note: quite a lot came from estate sales, thrift shops, and destashings.]   

Not many people participated. The program chair said there were a number of cancellations.  Attendance at guild meetings still hasn't come back to pre-pandemic levels.  

I didn't sell out, but I returned home with less than I brought.  Out of my house are: two pairs of never-used Gingher applique scissors, a pattern, four books, a pattern, a tote bag kit, six cute greeting cards decorated with buttons, a mola, a set of vintage blocks -- and, hooray, 32-3/4 yards of fabric!   (I could not resist and bought five yards from other sellers.)   It was interesting that all the sellers priced fabric at approx. $3/yard, an independent decision.  My profit after the table fee and my purchase:  $53.50. 

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I wrote about my recent estate sale quilt rescue in this post . 

 I sold the blue bows quilt for $200. 


 I traced the origin of the signature block quilt
to Itawamba County, Mississippi, and sent it to the historical society there.  I got this lovely email acknowledgement earlier this week:  

(I'd link up with LeAnna's I Like Thursday but I'm not sure how.) 

See you all at the end of the month!


  1. how wonderful for the quilt to find a forever home where it belongs....and wow, $200 for the blue bows....really worth it...sounds like a fun evening

  2. I can imagine how exciting it was for that historical group to receive a signature quilt with local names. A wonderful gift. Have lots of fun and safe travels!!!

  3. I'll bet it feels great to let go of some of those things! I would've nabbed the mola, though!

  4. That's a wonderful gesture to return the quilt to where it originated and I loved that they emailed you to acknowledge your gift. It's a treasure! That blue ribbon quilt always made me smile. I had/have some vintage scraps that have that kind of ribbon! Wishing you a safe and happy weekend!

  5. Have a wonderful trip. I look forward to your return. And, I'm wondering what you did to sell the blue bows quilt. Glad someone really wanted that quilt. I'm sure there are so many old quilts that just don't have a good place to live anymore. Thanks for the rescuing!

  6. Have a wonderful trip. With both a family wedding and Road Scholar-ing, it will certainly be memorable.
    How delightful to get the email and know everyone on the quilt is identified. You were so kind to send it to them and they will make good use of it.


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