Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Rabbit, rabbit! Stash report and December goal

Rabbit, rabbit -- the good luck charm dressed for the season!

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Stash report, November:  
Fabric IN:   46-1/2, $354
Fabric OUT:  46-3/8
YTD Fabric IN: 838-3/8, $1303  (average $1.55/yd)
YTD Fabric OUT: 913-1/4
Net reduction: 74-7/8 yards 

I came out almost even this month! I didn't get bargains, but I patronized two local quilt shops.  

# # # # # #

I've made 22 out of the projected 30 CW pinwheels.

And now it's time to declare my December goals:

(a)   keep up with the weekly clues for the Grassy Creek mystery

(b)   piece the Welcome Home quilt (details are a surprise) for which I bought this fabric

 Linking up with other OMG participants at OMGDecember . 


Caroline M said...

Shops need our support to stay open and you are seventy odd yards in hand so (unless you drop on a real bargain) you are likely to end up with a reduction this year.

I know my weaknesses and if it's possible to make a mirror image block I'll end up with a 70/30 split in the quilt. It's the reason I have to bring in a second set of eyes when knitting mittens. It's also the reason I wouldn't make pinwheels, I'd end up with two quilts and a lot of orphan blocks.

Preeti said...

The pinwheels are lovely but the black and white medallion blooms fabric is just terrific. I am intrigued.

Marsha Cooper said...

The welcome home quilt will be stunning, I'm sure, in the black and whites.

Ellie said...

Looking forward to how you you set the pinwheels. The new fabrics are very pretty!

Ann said...

Your double pinwheels make lovely blocks. I spun my stash down quite a bit this year. Now there's room for some new things. Maybe.

Patty said...

Good luck with Bonnie's mystery. Thanks for linking up to Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck with your project.