Monday, March 16, 2020

Weekly update: Covid-19 upsets nearly everything -- but we quilt on!

The Corona Virus, or Covid-19, is officially a global pandemic.  Universities are closed (many for the remainder of the term), schools are closed (two or three weeks as of now), libraries and museums are closed.

I had five events to juggle on Saturday (two with my husband).  Kiwanis pancake breakfast was postponed, AAUW was cancelled, LCCCA concert was cancelled. The Zion Woman's Club / Zion Conservatory of Music fundraising luncheon was cancelled. The caterer had already bought the food and she was able to package all the meals "to go." They tried to notify everyone who'd bought a ticket to pick up their meals at the caterer's storefront.  (I did, and the reuben sandwiches were very good.)

The one Saturday event that was still on was a celebration of life for a friend's husband. I did go, and I'm glad that I did. Since I only knew my friend and her stepson I didn't stay very long.

Our church held service Sunday morning (about 60 people who sat with spouse/partner/family but apart from everyone else; no coffee hour) and Lenten Bible study Sunday evening (about 10 people).

The week ahead, and into the week after that, have been pretty much swept clean of activities.  We have lots of food, lots of toilet paper and paper towels.  (If we get really, really desperate I have a drawer full of fancy paper napkins that I have refrained from using out of a conviction that the right occasion has not yet occurred.)  We have stacks of books.  And, of course, I have a studio full of fabric and a long list of quilting projects that I need to make and even more that I want to make.

# # # # # #
And with that:  here's the finish for this week!

It's 72 x 80. I managed to quilt it on my domestic sewing machine (Janome 8200) by doing one quarter at a time.  I used free-motion swoops and swirls in the blocks and free-motion parallel lines in the setting triangles.

The Little Windows blocks were made by members of the ALA Biblioquilters. The quilt will be in the silent auction at the ALA Annual conference in June.

 The left over blocks were pieced into the back. I had almost, but not quite, enough of one fabric for the backing.

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And wash your hands!


  1. Yes we quilt on! We are all dealing with cancellations and it can be a little scary.
    Your quilt is wonderful and I love block strip on the back - great!

  2. I love your Little Windows quilt!

  3. another winner nann....nearby quilt shop announced it was closing too...this is why i bought all that fabric..LOL...

  4. Love your windows finish! Our quilting will be what keeps us sane. The internet will help us feel less isolated. And our burgeoning stash will be enough to keep us busy and productive. At last there is a good reason for that stash! We will get through this even if it feels strange.

  5. Wash your hands often...stay home! It's scary, but so important that we all self isolate right now. The internet and social media are going to play a big part in our lives for who knows how long!

    Beautiful Little Window quilt and I always love when I see a lovely pieced backing!

  6. Congratulations - and quilted on your domestic machine no less! I remember snow days (on end) where I grew up and the absence of the usual business. This feels much the same way but scarier because there is no time frame or even real certainty that "the snow will melt".

  7. Great finish - the way you set those blocks is really appealing!! Enjoy your time in and sew a lot!

  8. We are both fortunate to be so well prepared but I'm contrary enough to want to go out once I'm told not to. Still, we can go for walks as long as we keep our distance from others.
    Happy quilting and reading.

  9. I'm pretty much a hermit so life is much the same for me these days.

    That is not the Little Windows layout I guessed you might use. Wonderful finish. Hope it does well at auction.

    And also hope you don't have to use those special occasion napkins! ;-)

  10. Love, love, love that Little Windows quilt! Stay inside and be safe.

  11. Get you and your Big Quilt quilting! Well done for taking on that particular challenge. This is why we have a stash, so we can leap into projects without leaving the house.

  12. Congrats on that fabulous quilt finish, Nann!! I hope we get the all clear for meetings by your scheduled meeting date. May the quilt do its job well and raise TONS of funds!


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