Monday, February 11, 2019

Weekly update: OMG halfway and more

After I assembled Spare Parts IV (see previous post) I got started on the tote bags that are my One Monthly Goal for February.   By the time the end Sunday night PBS programs (Victoria followed by a documentary about Princess Margaret) I'd completed two of the four totes.

I got the Blazing Star block in a long-ago swap. I came across it when I pulled out spare parts -- high time to showcase this beauty. 

The guild did not meet on Wednesday because of bad weather.  The round robin coordinator is intrepid and delivered the February installment to me at home.   I added pinwheels to TB's starter with LM's Seminole border. I love this colorway!

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  1. The bags are fabulous! Whoever the round robin belongs to is going to end up with a bright and happy quilt. It makes me smile!

  2. Nice addition to the round robin! Your bags are cool, too. I should see if I have any orphans that would work into bags ...

  3. The round robin I lovely! The originator should be really pleased! Your bags are spectacular. The Blazing Star is great on the front of the bag and the buttons are just the right accent on the other. You’re well on your way to your OMG.

  4. Gorgeous bags! Love the bright colors in your round robin. Perfect for stitching in the midst of winter.


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