Monday, February 19, 2018

Weekly update: back in the studio

An announcement from the area United Methodist Women caught my eye. The Midwest Mission Distribution Center needs sewing machines!  I arranged to meet with one of the UMW reps on Friday.  I handed off four machines: the 1994 serger (hard to thread; used about once a year); the Viking MegaQuilter (bought third-hand, used a dozen times); The Ambassador (a Singer clone from Lillian's Legacy that had been on a shelf in the garage); and a 1970's Singer (someone donated it to the library).  The rep explained that volunteers clean and repair donated machines and harvest parts from those that can't be fixed. The machines are then given to people (mostly women) to help with self-sufficiency and economic development in the U.S. and abroad.

It's great to get the machines out of my house and to know that they'll be used! (According to the website, 923 sewing machines were sent out from MMDC in 2017.)

I won the January Block Lotto. These blocks arrived while I was in Denver. More are on the way.

These are my entries in the February Lotto. The instructions were to start with "baby orphans," meaning units smaller than 3". I used pinwheels that resulted from cut-away corners in a long-ago project. I always thought they'd come in handy. (The unfinished blocks are 9.5")

Here are the initial blocks for the 2018 Birthday Block swap hosted by the BlockSwappers. Each of the six participants has chosen a block. The disappearing four-patch is so easy that I made three.

On my design wall now: double-X blocks in 30's fabrics. They're 6.5" unfin.

Once I have the HSTs trimmed they go together quickly.

The 30's stash is shrinking....slowly.

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  1. Those are all great - the one at the top is so cool! Won't that be fun? and the baby orphans - I think that is amazing!

  2. Lots of great blocks! I too love those little orphan blocks. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  3. Super way to repurpose those machines!

  4. You've got a lot of fun stuff in the works. Your Block Lotto blocks are going to make a very cool quilt. Congrats on finding an excellent place for your lesser utilized machines.

  5. Whatta lotta scrappy yumminess. I love how those tiny pinwheels unify the colorful blocks in your February Lotto. Bravo to you for your machine donations. I'm all for making sure machines are used not just collected, so it's great that others will be able to use machines that no longer thrill you.

  6. I like the idea for the baby orphans. I going to remember that for my quilt group. Your blocks turned out great.

  7. Those are some crazy blocks with the pinwheels and I have NO idea how you even made them!

  8. Congrats! on your Block Lotto win. What FUN!!!

  9. Oh, wow! A winner! And all that sewing accomplished, too!

  10. Is there a name for the Block Lotto blocks? I would love to find the pattern to make a quilt.


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