Saturday, August 5, 2017

OMG for August + polka dot flimsy

I was going to make the polka-dot circles my OMG for August but look what I did this week!  The flimsy is 57 x 66-1/2 and used 3-1/2 yards.

I made six circles too many.  The black circles are the part cut behind the applique. (I appliqued before I cut away.)  

My quilting to-do list is short. Mind you, these are projects I need to make.  If I attempted to write down all the projects I'd like to make I would still be writing.

Looking at the list: I haven't heard from Mrs. McElmurry who was the high bidder for the t-shirt quilt. (I've called her twice.)  I've been looking through books and magazines to find just the right pattern for the AAUW Christmas quilt.

I may be able to complete several of the others this month -- but OMG is just ONE monthly goal. Okay, I've decided:  baby quilt #1, for Holland's baby.

Here's the Elm Street Quilts OMG linkup .


cityquilter grace said...

another pretty quilt nann....

Patty said...

Love the circles. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck on your project.

Bonnie said...

Neat stripped circles. I'm sure you'll have the baby quilt finished in time. (Well, unless you make huge baby quilts!) I've been working nearly the whole day on my OMG quilt.

R & E said...

Brilliant use of strings and circles - setting them at odd angles was THE image that caught my attention - strange that such a minor alteration would result in this stunning quilt! Who knew these things? Elaine Adair