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Monday, July 31, 2017

It's still Monday: weekly update (a new project!) and stash report

Usually I write my weekly update post just after breakfast on Monday morning. Not so today. I am taking the AARP Driver Safety Course which is eight hours over two days, 10-2 today and tomorrow. It's held at the library so I could return books and check out new ones. (And today there were quilt books on the sale rack that I snapped up--8 for $5.)

I finished 50 Care Bags and sent them to the Care Bags Foundation in Iowa. They used 25 yards of fabric. I hope to make 50 more by the end of the year.

With those out of the house and crossed off my list, I cast about for a new project.  "String Quilt Style" by Mary M. Hogan was one of the quilt books I got at the ALA conference.  I've begun the cover quilt.  The secret to the circle blocks?  Coffee filter foundations!  I used a stash of polka-dot strips and cut more from my plentiful polka-dot stash. The filters, and thus the circle blocks, are 8".  I made 42.

I decided I wanted to maintain the polka-dot theme by using a white-on-black polka dot print. My stash has black-on-white dots but not low-volume white-on-black. Buttons and Bolts had a Christmas in July sale this weekend. I found the perfect fabric -- and a lot more. Hey, it was all on sale!

I got four appliqued Sunday evening.

Estate Sale bargain

My stash also grew with an estate sale purchase -- 11-1/2 yards for $10.  The estate was for the now-deceased former owner of the premier bridal shop in Waukegan. There was a commercial Singer and three 201s.  I admired them but was not tempted to buy them.

The stash report:
Fabric in, January-June: 140-1/4, $249.69
Fabric in, July: 63-1/2, $278.30
Total fabric in, YTD:  203-3/4, $827.99 (avg. $4.06/yard)
Fabric out, January-June: 247-58/
Fabric out, July: 83-5/8
Total fabric out, YTD: 336-1/4
         (given away: 24; sold 20-1/8)
Net: -132.5 used

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  1. What a fun idea! And a great way to use up those strings. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  2. Very fun additions to the stash, good price too. The string circles are bright and fun. Happy stitching this week.

  3. I have not made string quilts yet but love your dotty ones! My daughter and her friends call them "polka spots". Nice stash enhancements on the cheap--great!

  4. Gotta ask -- used or new coffee filters?

  5. Love those string circles! What fun! Congratulations on 50 Care Bags. That's quite an achievement!

  6. Oh Nann, I would not have been able to resist the 201s! I have that horse print in my stash I think. Love polka dots. How big are those circles? Will you machine applique the to blocks?

  7. Do you remove the filter before applique?


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