Monday, April 17, 2017

Monday update: spring flowers

Easter weekend was sunny and very warm.  The church service was inspiring.  We had lamb, asparagus, and new potatoes for supper -- I am a holiday-meal traditionalist! (I did try a new dessert recipe: Honey-Walnut Cake . Very good.)

Lots of rain last week flooded the trail at Camp Logan, the part of Illinois Beach State Park where I like to walk. The path is the white patch in the center of the photo, taken Sunday afternoon.

Bloodroot is a wildflower volunteer in the back garden. (There's another along the fence, about 40 feet from this one.)

("Volunteer" was my mother's term for unexpected flowers.  She was an avid gardener who appreciated wildflowers as well as the cultivated variety.  She passed away fifteen years ago yesterday (April 16). I inherited the appreciation part but not the talent.)

The daffodils are a delight.

The peonies have really sprung up. I got them staked.

There are posies blooming in my studio, too. These mug rugs will go in gift baskets for outgoing AAUW
officers at the May 9 meeting. The pattern is by Chris Malone, published in Springtime Quilting by Quilter's World.

(Someone on one of online groups said she has a "three-project" rule. A book or magazine has to have three projects that appeal to her in order for her to buy it.   "Springtime Quilting" met that criterion for me.)

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Ramona said...

Your mug rugs are adorable! I like your "three project" rule. I've gotten very selective in the magazines I purchase.

Teresa said...

cute mug rugs, I am enjoying the spring flowers here too

Bonnie said...

We don't have much in the way of spring flowers as we haven't lived here long enough. I am looking forward to my day lilies coming up during the summer and maybe the azaleas will bloom then... Is the magazine you mentioned a new one? Your mug rugs look great. It amazes me how much you get done. I'm sure all the organizations you support really appreciate it.

Susan said...

Those posie mug rugs are adorable! Love the posie color as I've made a flower wall hanging from aqua scraps - it's one of my favorite pieces!

Cynthia Brunz Designs said...

Cute mini gifts! Springtime blooms always make me smile. Thanks for linking up with Oh Scrap!

Nancy said...

Your little mug rug flowers are too sweet. I was envisioning them all in one quilt before I read your post and thinking what a delightful quilt they would make. Of cours,e they'll be great mug rugs, too!

cityquilter grace said...

isn't spring glorious!!! I do miss my peonies, really love them. me traditionalist also but had ham...deelish!