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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Third time is the charm!

I've written about making a good-bye gift for a P.E.O. sister who is moving out of state in a couple of months.  P.E.O.'s flower is the marguerite, or daisy. As a result I am always attuned to daisy-print fabric and daisy quilt patterns.

 I made this wall hanging.  It turned out nicely but it's 29" x 39" and thus requires a large space.

I made this quilt but it's more than the occasion requires. (Surely you've had gift-giving occasions like that.)

[Both of these have been quilted since the photos were taken.]

A recent email update from All People Quilt, the website for American Patchwork and Quilting magazine, had a link to wall hanging patterns.  I took a look and found the perfect pattern!  It's "Colorful Fun Daisies" by Linda Sullivan.  [I tried to find the URL for the pattern and cannot. I wish that the APQ site had a "search pattern" feature. Good thing I've downloaded it to my computer.]

It's 16" x 32" and can be a table runner or a not-too-big wall hanging.


  1. I love all your daisies, but the table runner is my favorite!

  2. The table runner is a real winner! I'm sure she will love it!

  3. Delightful "Baby Bear" project! Those colors make me smile, and I'm sure they will your PEO sister, too.

  4. Wow Nann -- really three projects? I know you will put the extra 2 to good use but you win the Overachiever Award this week! I like the newest daisy table runner. Very springy looking. (Honestly, in this usage is springy allowed?) Also, I like the pieced background in black and white fabrics. Great job.


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