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Monday, April 24, 2017

Weekly update: trails, sales, stars, and another tote

The water receded (compare to last week) but it was still too wet to take the trail.  I walked along the beach instead and got more glass for my collection.

I'll need to get another container.

I put some fabric up for sale on the FB group Quilter's Virtual Yard Sale and on the Yahoo Group Quilter's Flea Market.  Total sold: 23-5/8 yards.

I'm up to 258 Ohio Stars for the Quilts of Valor project.  Here's the stack and the box of pieces for the next batch.

2017 is turning out to be my year of tote bags.
A friend recently retired.  I'm making this tote bag for her. I'll fill it with books and send it to her once she moves into her new home.

The photo shows the pattern published in an Am P&Q special publication that featured bags and pillows.

I didn't try to imitate Vera Bradley with my fabric choices but it kind of looks that way. I bought more  car headliner at Joann's but I

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P.S.   Back yard flowers.
Dogtooth violet -- aka Trout Lily. A wildflower volunteer.

Dicentra -- Bleeding Heart. A prolific perennail. 

Mertensia virginica -- Virginia bluebells


  1. The bag you're making for your friend is going to be very pretty. And it looks as though your palette was inspired by your latest beach glass finds!

  2. I love your glass collection! The tote bag is so fun. I love paisley!!
    I've never used the headliner so next trip to JA's, I'll check it out.

  3. I 've never used the headliner but I'lll have to check that out. I love trout lilies! I have yellow ones and white ones. I think your blue flowers are Virginia Bluebells.
    Lovely tote bag for you friend!

    1. Thanks for the flower i.d., Ellie. I've corrected the caption.

  4. Pretty flowers-so nice that spring is here (to stay this time!) What are you going to do with your glass collection?

  5. I love your tote bag fabrics. Paisley is one of my favorite designs. You have quite a collection of star blocks... and sea glass. Both are beautiful.

  6. Your tote bag will be lovelier than Vera Bradley's :-) and I am sure your friend will be thrilled to receive it. 258 star blocks??? That is a lot. How do you stay focused? I would have been weary by 150.

  7. Good job on those QOV blocks! The wildflowers in your gardens are just beautiful!

  8. 258 Ohio Stars? Good job sticking to it!


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