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Monday, February 13, 2017

Weekly update: two finishes and bargains

While New England is bracing for another blizzard, here in Chicagoland we are having late-March temperatures.  As I drove home from a meeting one evening last week I smelled skunk spray. On Saturday morning a fox strolled across the street.                                                           The mild weather made it easy to deliver spaghetti dinners to shut-ins later on Saturday morning. This is the sixth year that our Rotary Club has prepared the Valentine's Day treat. Stevens' and my list has women from our church. We took time to chat with them, too.      

I started physical therapy with two sessions this past week.  My foot is much less swollen but the big toe does not hit the ground when I walk. It's not painful but it still throws my gait off. 

However, I can sew with my right foot! That's good for free-motion quilting.  I can boast of two finishes (quilted/bound/labeled):  Ripples and Cross-Cut Strings.
I went to two estate sales in Waukegan (a block apart).  I got nothing at one but the second yielded office supplies (partially-used packages of mailing labels, an unopened package of print-ready postcards (list price about $22; I paid $5)) -- and two all-cotton bed sheets. The gray one was a full-fitted, never used. The print is Ralph Lauren, king-fitted.  I've washed them, cut off the elastic, and ironed them.  12-1/4 yards for $10!  (As I have said before, if I can't avoid acquiring fabric at least I can get good deals.) 
P.S. I leafed through a 1971 high school yearbook at one of the sales to see if I knew anyone. (Yes, one.)   One of the photo collages used as a section title page included a photo of a driver's license. (A rite of passage for teens.)  In those days Illinois driver's licenses included social security numbers as well as date of birth. I wonder if the girl (now in her 60's) realizes her social security number was published for all to see?  

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  1. love your two finishes. we are in the "snow belt" at the moment. ughh.. feel like I live in Alaska.

  2. Glad yo are able to sew now, hope that big toe heals fast! LOVE the two finishes! and Yay for you for good fabric deals!!

  3. Congratulations on your two finishes!
    We too, in Indianapolis, are having warm temps. Our snowdrops have been blooming for a couple of weeks and today I saw two crocuses! Hooray for Spring!

  4. Both of your finished quilts are lovely. I am sure they will be much appreciated. Glad you are on the mend.

  5. Those zig zag quilts are a favorite of mine. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  6. Congrats on the finishes! Hopefully the physical therapy is helping speed up the healing.

  7. Glad your toe doesn't hurt and you can see again. Great score on the sheets.


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