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Monday, February 6, 2017

Weekly update: totebags finished

2/23 update:  I'm linking to the OMG February Finish page here

My One Monthly Goal  for February was to make two totebags.  I'm pleased to say that I finished both by February 4!

They will be filled with advance reader copies (books I shipped back from ALA Midwinter).  They will be raffled at the Lake County Women's Coalition brunch on March 4, the annual Women's History Month celebration.

The bag on the left uses an orphan block (Eddystone Light) and a swirly print by Paula Nadelstern that I've had for a long time. The bag on the right is adapted from a totebag I saw in a catalog.  I used Bo-Sal In R Form .* It's a lot like the car head liner that I used in the daisy totebags last year.  The firm-yet-flexible foam allows the totes to stand up.

I'll link up with OMG at the end of February.
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* When we lived in Maine I made several shopping trips to the Bo-Sal outlet which was in Scarborough (or Saco?) in those days. They had rolls and rolls of high-end upholstery/home dec fabric. I bought a ginormous bag of fiberfill that I used for pillow stuffing. I hauled that slowly-diminishing bag from Maine to North Dakota to Illinois (two houses) and finally used it up in 2010.


  1. Love the bags especially using up a orphan block to such a good cause. I am waiting for an order of In R Form as I type. I'm going to a sewing day on Thursday and sure hope the stuff comes in before that. I find it interesting what folks (including me) move from house to house. I've moved a lot of times and there is stuff (especially fabric type stuff) that has probably made the last 6 or 7 moves -- 30 years worth of moving!

  2. Great bags and a fun way to use an orphan block! Congrats on a very early finish.

  3. Very cute bags. Congrats on finishing off your OMG so early in the month.

  4. I love seeing an orphan block find such a lovely home. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  5. yes that would be scarborough...right on route 1 at the head of the pine point road that leads to the ocean....never did go in there while i was in maine...but oh how i miss marden's...

  6. That is so unfair. February just started and you are already done with your OMG for February? Perfect way to use the orphan block. I think you need another goal for February :-D

  7. That orphan block has ended up being the "star" of the bag. Nice work.


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