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Monday, February 20, 2017

Weekly update: winnings and a finish

The  Benartex blog had a scavenger hunt to introduce its upcoming fabric collections. I diligently searched and found each of the clues and submitted my entry. I won this bundle of ten fat quarters!

One finish this week:  Scrappy Detour En Route to Provence.

Here are the three fabrics I used for the backing. I did not acquire them in the year they were printed. The green leaves are a truly vintage print (36" wide).

Around Christmas time a friend asked if  could take a look at a quilt that needed repair. It has been in their family since their children (now 31 and 24) were little.  She brought it over and I said I'd give it a try.  I have no excuse not to get going!

The machine-pieced bricks are 2-3/4 x 4-3/4 finished. The fabrics are cotton prints, some blends, and some heavier garment and home dec. The red ties are heavy cotton (not perle; maybe crochet?). Polyester batting.

The backing is intact but the self-binding is worn. About two dozen of the bricks are torn. I contemplated taking the entire quilt apart,, replacing the bricks, and then retying (or, preferably for me, machine-quilting) it but my friend doesn't want to pay that much.

I'm making new bricks faced with lightweight interfacing. I will machine-applique them over the old bricks and put ties in the center of each. (I've tried one applique -- with red bobbin thread it blends into the backing.)

 Here are two replacement bricks. One shows the interfaced back.   The "pillow" keeps the raw edges of the brick turned under better than just pressing the raw edges.

I was not surprised to find how many 1970's-80's ditsy prints were in my stash.

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  1. And what a great use for them in this quilt. I have taken one of my quilts totally apart and redid it because it had been washed to death. And, it was done in the early 80's when folks (Ellie Burns) said tie at the corners and the centers of a 12" block. Um, didn't hold up what with that same type of batting. It's a car quilt now but was well loved and used back in the day.

  2. Lucky you, winning that really nice pack. I have many antique quilts that have needed a good home. I have left them alone. The insides reveal so much. One 1830's quilt had a foot wide circle in the center with much older, shredding silks. Maybe a wedding gown. I found an old pieced spinning circle the right size and stitched it on top, so the original is still there. Of course, since your friend wants it repaired it sounds like you have made a good choice to do the same thing. Good luck!

  3. You ended up with some gorgeous fabrics there, congrats on that fun set of play things. I wouldn't have thought applique for the quilt repair, but I can see how that would work really well. Happy stitching this week.


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