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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Estate sale: sarong, so right

I went to an estate sale on Thursday.  I had driven past the house many times. Though I knew who the owners were, I didn't know them well enough to go inside their house. (Want to see? Here is the listing.)

Thursday  was the first day of a four-day sale so all items were full-price (25%, 50%, 75% reductions to follow). I was sure someone would scoop these up the first day so I bought 'em.

Mint-in-package souvenir.  It's poly-cotton (alas) but I'm going to keep it in the wrapper anyway.

Another souvenir.  This is a sarong -- 39 x 70.

The gold foil label says "Batik Asli / tjap / Daftar No. 71566 / Bibir Manis."  (Tjap (pronounced "chop") is the stamp used to print batik designs.) Batik Asli is in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. (It's also the name of a restaurant/hotel in the Netherlands Antilles.)

To read more about Indonesian batik sarongs: this article

I have other sarongs in my batik stash. I used one as a quilt back a few years ago. Some day I'll use the others.

[I'm counting the batik sarong as "fabric in." I'm not counting the Hawaiian sarong since that is an addition to my vintage textiles collection.]

Estate sales are a good source of office supplies, too.  Partially-used legal pads, small and large. I couldn't resist the "Miss Steno" stenographer's notebook.


  1. Hum, I had some fabric like the sarong. But I used it to make myself a jumpsuit in my teens. (ah to be so skinny again!) But I have pieces of it left and never know what to do with it. Or at least not yet. So, did you research the Batik Asli? Or just remember eating at the restaurant? I'm voting for research. Thanks for all the interesting info.

    1. I googled "Batik Asli" and that's the information I found. And "Bibir Manis" apparently means sweet lips. I decided not to pursue that one!


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