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Thursday, September 29, 2016

OMG finish for September

My OMG for this month was to piece the t-shirt quilt.  I finished it just in time!  I had to order more sashing fabric. It arrived on Wednesday.  This afternoon (Thursday) provided sewing time.  This is a big quilt -- 82 x 86.
I have 4 yards of  yellow/gray/black floral but that won't be enough for the back. I'm auditioning possibilities of other prints to go with the floral.

I s'pose that I can go ahead and declare that quilting this will be my OMG for October!

Here's the linkup at Heidi's blog:

OMG September



  1. Wow, that is much bigger than I thought! The fabric was worth waiting for I'd say, It really looks perfect with the top! Congrats Nann!

  2. Looks great. I'm about to finish up my first Tshirt quilt. I think it will definitely be big enough for a queen bed. I hope to be finished and quilting done by the end of this month. Love yours


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