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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

An old table and new shelves

I bought my cutting table circa 1996 when I lived in Fargo. That was when I began to identify myself as a quiltmaker.   I had a room dedicated to sewing, no guest bed in the way, and I could have a large cutting table set up all the time.
There are shelves on the side facing away

I put one divider on each shelf, rather than two. 
This spring one of the gate legs on the twenty-year-old laminate table broke. Fortunately no fingers were pinched or pins were spilled when the leaf collapsed.  I checked online for cutting tables. The new versions appear to be flimsier.  I'd love a Tracy's Table  but that's 72x40 and too large.  So I propped up the busted gate leg and continued cutting (albeit gingerly) until the splints began to give way.  Twin bookcases (bought, used, from the library) were just the right height. They slid into place. But what to put in the space where the bookcases had been?  Two 9-cube laminate shelving units ($40 at Wal-Mart) filled the bill.

How long do you think it will take me to fill all the shelves?


  1. Great decisions for making the spaces work to your advantage again! I say put a chocolate dispenser on one of the shelves, LOL! Have fun filling them, anyway. Thanks for quoting prices and sources, too.

  2. You are so good finding solutions for problems. Luckily, we moved my huge cutting table made the move with me. It's in a lot of pieces right now but some day soon I'll be able to sew. At least on projects that were in the project boxes. We're going to buy some shelves to hold the fabric and other assorted stuff. And man do I have STUFF!

  3. Nice idea. You probably got more storage your way. As far as the cubicals they're probably full by now. LOL


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