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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Rafflemania: kit quilt

Our July quilt guild meeting featured an ice cream social and the annual Rafflemania. That's a bucket (or "Chinese") raffle for quilt-related stuff.  We bring what we no longer love. We get free tickets based on the number of meetings we've attended in the last year and we can buy more tickets for .50 each. The tickets are our chances to win new-to-us stuff.

Fabric went out....and this came in
I didn't take pictures of my contributions, but I flung 60 yards of fabric. (I weighed it: 4 yards to a pound.)  I also filled two baskets with miscellaneous notions.  In return I won two fabric bundles (28 yards) and what I really wanted:  a mint-in-bag kit quilt.

Here's information about Progress kits, from Vintage Kit Quilts  

"...The Progress quilt kit company...produced some of the [best-known]full sized quilt kits....All were done on various colored backgrounds from white, yellow, green, pink and blue with prestamped appliqu├ęs of flowers, leaves and swags in many colors…..All blue quilt lines were prestamped too. Some 135 kits including embroidery quilt kits that were produced from 1923-1994 have been document. A great deal sold thru Lee Wards and other catalogs and stores. Progress was bought by Tobin, Sporn and Glaser Inc. in 1944 when they were in business in Chicago. They are still in business today but out of New York."


  1. Best of all, it sounds like you had a really fun time! Congrats on the pretty baskets of fabrics coming in to you!

  2. One quilter's trash is another quilter's treasure!

  3. How fun. Who doesn't love more fabric where ever it comes from.


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