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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

July OMG decision

I've considered this, that, and the other for my One Monthly Goal project.

"This" is the scrappy, strippy project on my design wall now. (You can see it in Monday's post.)

"That" is (are) the pillowcases that my friend Cindy has commissioned. She provides the fabric, pays me, and lets me keep the leftover fabric.  I have four finished and five to go. She called yesterday to say that her daughter found sheets she loved, but her dorm bed is a twin and the sheets are full. Could I take them in? (Yes.)  And her MIL would like a set of placemats, just rectangles of fabric. Could I make them? (Yes.)

Image (c) Beth Helfter
But I've decided on "the other" for the July OMG:   Vinnie Loves Maude , a design by Beth Helfter, d/b/a EvaPaige Quilt Designs.  I purchased and downloaded the pattern several weeks ago. I'd like to have the quilt finished by our September 7 guild meeting when Beth will be the speaker.

The pattern directions are for two sizes of blocks. Several settings are given.  I need to decide which size, which setting, and what fabric to use. Once I get going the quilt should come together easily.

Image (c) Beth Helfter

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  1. Very pretty! Hard to go wrong either way, but I may like the round of blocks a very little bit better. Looking forward to seeing what you decide! Good luck!


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