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Friday, April 1, 2016

March summary, April OMG, and something completely unplanned

The Whatchagot Box came on Wednesday.  The Block Swappers hosted the swap. Each participant sent a box of "what ya got" to her assigned recipient. I sent a box to Corinne in Washington and got this box from Suzanne in California.  What a wonderful assortment!

I didn't count what I sent or received in the swap for the monthly stash totals. I didn't bust very much!
Fabric added in March: 55-1/8, $344 
Fabric used in March: 13-3/4
YTD added: 91-1/8, $390.50
YTD used: 49-1/2

I went to an estate sale yesterday (Thursday) and got these four pieces,7-1/2 yds, for $4.00.

It's time to declare my OMG -- One Monthly Goal -- for April.
I am going to make two tote bags. They will be presented to my P.E.O. committee members at the state convention in June. (That's the same committee and the same event for which I made "Stars in Her Crown," which is chronicled in this post .)   This is the pattern I think I will use. (P.E.O.'s flower is the marguerite, or daisy.)  I know I could have figured out the design without buying the pattern, but this will save me time. And knowing that I paid full price for a pattern (very rare for me) should spur me to actually make it.

Here is the "completely unplanned" project.  I bought two yards of gray-on-gray on one of my several trips to Joann's in March. I started making four-at-a-time flying geese.  I''m using squares from the annual Baseball Swap. Those are 6-1/2". I'm trimming them to 6-1/4" and cutting the gray squares 3-3/8". The finished geese are 2.5 x 5 so each block is 10 x 10.  At this point I plan to make 30 blocks and make, hmm, 2"? sashing. (Not sure about that yet.)

P.S. The sun as seen from the bedroom window this morning.


  1. Looks like you scored big in the Wathcagot exchange and at the estate sale. I seem to have the most consistent results with 4-at-a-time geese.

  2. Very fun stash enhancements, you did really well with the estate sale fabrics. That bag is going to be fun when it's all together. Good luck with your April goal.

  3. The Whatchagot Swap was very good to you, just look at those blocks and patterns! You so often find quilter's estate sales and we have none here, so I envy your skills at "the hunt."

  4. ilove working with gray....nice little project!

  5. That was quite a swap box. I don't see many estate or yard sales with fabric around here. Good on you for finding one.


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