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Sunday, April 3, 2016

DWM: Yankee Puzzle

I had such fun making Yankee Puzzle blocks using the fast and accurate four-at-a-time method for the flying geese. My original intent was to make 30 blocks and sash them with the gray tonal background fabric. After I made the blocks I had less than a 3" strip left over.   What to use for the sashes?  Black was too dark. Any one color would highlight some blocks and diminish others. Of several dozen grays in my stash most were the wrong tone (too pewter or too silver).  Eureka! I found a white-and-gray print that provides a light with a little pop of just the right gray.

The flimsy is 60 x 70 and used 4-3/4 yards.

Busy week ahead:  P.E.O. (co-hostess) Monday evening, Woman's Club (luncheon coordinator) Tuesday, quilt guild Wednesday, book review presentation Thursday, AAUW luncheon Saturday.  I plan to spend Friday at the International Quilt Festival at the convention center in Rosemont.

Luncheon stuff.  Flowers + vases from the dollar store.

I'll use vintage tablecloths for the luncheon. I washed and ironed all of these!

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  1. Your Yankee Puzzle blocks look great! Going to be a cute quilt!

  2. I haven't seen Yankee Puzzle blocks in a long time. I love yours. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  3. seems we are working on the same blocks, mine is an old project trying to finish, love yours.

  4. Love your Yankee Puzzle quilt! Perfect sashing fabric. Like you planned it that way all along. :)
    I love vintage tableclothes. They make me think of my Gramma Maple. She loved pressing hers. She said that was her favorite way of admiring them.

  5. Love your Yankee Puzzle! I'm also planning on spending Friday at the quilt show so I will be looking for you! Ellie

  6. You definitely have a busy week and not much time for quilting. Your Yankee puzzle top is wonderful. I'm not sure if I would have thought to use a small black on white print. But it works very well. Enjoy your busy week.

  7. Your sashing is perfect! Great job using what you had.

  8. I love making flying geese four at a time. Your quilt top looks great! I'll have to save that idea for a future project, maybe using up some floral fabric with green......

  9. I love the four at a time geese method! The Yankee Puzzle is a block I love. Your sashing fabric find was a great inspired substitute. I have lots of tablecloths like that from my mother in law and love to use them. Have fun!

  10. Ahh, the luncheon festivities will be enhanced by the vintage tablecloths! That idea is a stroke of genius, as is the perfect greyish sashing from your stash.

  11. Oh, I love your Yankee Puzzle! The combination of the grays and the brights is inspiring me to start pulling fabric for my next project. Thanks for posting it!


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