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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

March OMG: finished!

My One Monthly Goal for March was to make the blocks for the New York Beauty quilt. Not only did I make the blocks, but I have also assembled the quilt.

Here is the evolution of  "Stars in Her Crown."

The first group of fabric

The pattern.
  (Designer Wendy Sheppard used a collection by Christina Graf.)

The first blocks. 

More fabric (this includes some for NYB and some just because)

More blocks. See the difference in the colorway?

Back to the design wall

I asked online quilting friends for advice about the borders. "Orange inner, dark outer," was the consensus
I had to buy more of both of the border fabrics. 

I attached the inner border.  I attached the two side borders. The dark-ish blue fabric bothered me a lot.
I got out the seam ripper and removed the side borders.
I made four 6" NYB blocks for the corners.
There was just enough turquoise to make the four borders.
I appliqued eight stars (for "stars in her crown").

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  1. I like it! Your instincts were spot on!

  2. The turquoise keeps it light and airy-looking, a wonderful choice!

  3. wow the lime really makes it pop...the changes were perfect....and the advice on borders was spot on! another winner nann!

  4. Wow, I really love your fabric choices for the pattern. Such a Beauty!

  5. New York Beauty blocks all in a month done~! Wowzers


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