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Monday, March 28, 2016

DWM: finally, some finishes + NYB (still)

The flu, or whatever it is, stuck around all week. I was able to run errands but I skipped P.E.O. on Monday evening and the library system board on Friday morning. Both meetings required more driving than I was up to. I went to the Maundy Thursday service (soup/bread supper followed by communion) though my husband felt too rotten to go.

Rather than coffee hour after Easter service we had a light breakfast before. My contribution was a bundt cake that included mashed bananas (which I had in the freezer).   Easter dinner was roast lamb, asparagus, and rice pilaf, with the banana bundt cake for dessert.  [My bundt pan is avocado green, which gives you an idea of how long I've had it.]

I managed to get to the third week of March without writing anything in the "fabric used" column of my running tally. In contrast the "fabric acquired" column is lengthy. I was determined to get something done!

I picked up Scrappy Pinwheels from Barb. She's a guild member with a new long-arm business. Her Gammill is set up on her sunporch that overlooks one of the many small lakes in this area.  She did a splendid job on the quilt -- you can see the detail in the second photo.

Scrappy Pinwheels is the AAUW spring raffle quilt.

I picked up that one and took two other flimsies to Barb.  On the way home I stopped at Quilt Play  and, yes, I bought fabric.

I can boast of almost-three finishes this week!

Here's a corner of Dancing Nines. The quilting turned out pretty well!

I used leftover units from Scrappy Pinwheels on the back.

The second finish and the almost-finish are two HeartStrings flimsies made by guild members for our 2016 charity project. I said that I would quilt five of the guild's HS tops.  #3 is all done. #4 is quilted but not bound.  Here's a picture of the pieced backs.

And, FINALLY -- New York Beauty.  I sewed blocks together. I took them apart. I rearranged and rearranged again.  I asked for advice about the borders. More people said, "Orange inner, dark outer." That required another fabric purchase.  (Such a hardship.)

I plan to get NYB assembled this week. For sure.

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  1. Hi, Nann, I especially like your scrappy pinwheels, as I am working on scrap/stash busting, and hopefully I will have a photo of that project next week. Love your's on my "list"...

  2. New York Beauty is looking great, I like your border choices. Scrappy Pinwheels turned out beautifully too. Hope you manage to finish a few more before the month ends.

  3. It is great to see those scrap quilts getting finished. Soon you will be ready to get the NYB quilted. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  4. Amazing that you made it to the 3rd week of March with no finish. Glad to see you are moving forward on using up that stash. I really like the light/dark border for the NYB. Can't wait to see the finished product. Just curious -- how big are the half square triangles in the Scrappy Pinwheel quilt? I have a multitude of little ones and this might be a great way to use them up. Or at least make a dent.

  5. Love your 'scrappy pinwheels' quilt! And your comments about your NYB blocks... "sewed them together, took them apart"... made me smile! We've all been there!


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