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Monday, March 21, 2016

DWM: crocuses and NYB

I came down with the flu last week, even though I got a flu shot last fall.  I assume I picked up the bug on the flight back from Dallas since none of the other Magpies reported getting sick.  I was able to get out to vote on Tuesday and to pick up the monthly Top Box assortment on Wednesday.  I picked up my sewing machine, which I'd taken in for an overdue cleaning, and I bought fabric for my current project (read on!).  But I begged off other obligations so as not to overextend or infect anyone else, though I kindly shared the malady with my husband.
Here are my nine entries for the March Block Lotto. These 6" flowers are called violets, but I think they could be crocuses.

The crocuses are blooming in our garden right now.

Mid-week I thought I was ready to assemble the New York Beauty blocks for "Stars in Her Crown."

When I looked at them on the design wall they seemed fine. When I thought about them, my mind's eye saw the darkest fabrics.

I took some blocks apart. I bought quarter-yards of lights: turquoise, yellow-green, gray (Hobby Lobby and Joann's). I made more arcs.  Here's the design wall this morning.

 The cutting table was a lot more cluttered earlier in the day.

There's always a leaders-and-enders project. These D/L/D and L/D/L 9-patches are made from 1.5" postage stamps.

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  1. So sorry to hear that you were down with the flu. At least you weren't sick during your trip. The New York Beauties seem to be still evolving and I have every confidence that you'll soon produce yet another great design!

  2. Such pretty projects! The NY Beauty blocks are just gorgeous!

  3. You saw what I was seeing in the NYB blocks. Sorry you felt like you needed to make more, though. But I think you will be happier with your new blocks thrown in. Get well soon.

  4. Love those New York Beauty blocks! I've always wanted to make one. It's definitely on my list.

  5. Feel better! You got a lot done. I have made the violet block in Christmas colors-a very versatile block. But I am not brave enough to attempt a whole quilt with curved pieces! Cheers! Evelyn

  6. Sorry you got the flu. But you seemed to get a lot done despite not feeling up to snuff. The New York Beauty blocks are gorgeous. I'm looking forward to see how you finish it.

  7. I hope you get to feeling better soon. I love those pretty flower blocks. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  8. nann hope you are better soon...i have been sick2+ weeks and my mom was lucky only 4-5 days....the chest congestion is just about cleared now...a real beast! love your NYB blocks,either set looks gorgeous to me but the 2nd is more homogenous...waiting on spring in lobsterville!

  9. Those stars in her crown blocks are amazing - I like what you did, and I like how you added - Oh boy..... its beautiful!

  10. Commiserations on having caught flu. There seems to be so much illness around worldwide. My husband and I came home from three months in New Zealand with a horrid heavy cold, cough etc but lots of our English friends and neighbours appeared to have had the same thing. Other neighbours who had been in Spain for a month also came home with flu. Love your flower blocks, so pretty. Also love your NY Beauty blocks.


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