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Monday, February 22, 2016

DWM: ladders set + Care Bags

Thanks to all who offered advice about setting the Jacob's Ladder blocks.  Here's how the flimsy turned out. It's 64 x 64 and used three yards of stash.

Most of my sewing time this past week was devoted to making  Care Bags.  They are ditty bags that are filled with toiletries and provided to children and teens who experience disaster or displacement.  I first heard about this charity when a local library newsletter had a program for children in which they decorated Care Bags.  Over the years I've sewn more than 500 bags.  If you would like to find out more, the website is here . There is also a FB page called Care Bags Foundation.  Note that they'd like you to contact them for instructions--that's their preference, not mine.

Drawstrings for Care Bags are 48" long. I've used many kinds of cord, including expensive upholstery/drapery trim, gift wrap cord, clothesline (20 ft. for .50 at Big Lots), and pillow piping (cheap, esp. with the Joann's coupon, but flimsy because it's made to be covered with sturdier fabric).  When we were on Grand Manan last year we visited a fisherman's chandlery (supply house) and I bought a 1-kg spool of 3mm nylon rope for $15.  That's enough cord for several hundred Care Bags!

Most of the 100 bags in this batch were made from fabric from Lillian's legacy -- the contents of the storage locker given to our guild last fall. That included the bright Mexican yardage (tablecloths and placemats) and corduroy.  I also made 12 totes out of the bright pencil blocks that I won at our guild's Block of the Month last fall.  [I did not count Lillian's fabric as "fabric in" so I can't count it as "fabric out."  It's a wash . . . and, actually, when I did wash the Mexican fabric it tinted my husband's t-shirts a lovely lilac that did not come out in two subsequent washings-with-bleach!]

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  1. I love scrappy quilts, yours makes my heart beat just a little faster - it is beautiful.

    What a wonderful collection of bags, and what a loving tribute for Lillian.


  2. your jacob ladder is beautiful. and how nice to make those bags from some of Lillians fabric. very nice projects

  3. I love the setting of your Jacob's Ladder blocks ;))

  4. Your Barnraising setting for the Jacob's Ladder blocks is just wonderful. I winced to hear of your Husband Wonderful's lilac underwear because my white turtlenecks came out pastel pink, LOL!

  5. Hum, does hubby mind the lilac underwear? It's funny that the cloth could still lose dye but not come out of what it adhered to. Do you use Color Catchers? I throw them in any fabric I wash and reuse them. I bet a square of muslin would do the same thing. I sometimes count my fabric (mostly donations) the same as you do. I don't count it coming in and then don't count it going out. Your Jacob's ladder looks great!

  6. Thanks Nann, Give us a clue how many different fabrics in your JL quilt. I like this type of coloring best for this pattern. It turned out great.


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