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Thursday, January 28, 2016

A blue ribbon day

"Forecast: Scrappy With a Chance of Nine-Patches" was my entry in the GFWC-IL 10th District art contest. (That's  General Federation of Women's Clubs.)  Members' entries were on display at yesterday's district luncheon.

I won a blue ribbon!

I made the quilt out of orphan blocks in early 2015. This photo shows it prior to quilting. (I did an overall meander in the center and almost-feathers in the border.)

P.S. I won last year, too.  I should add that there are only two or three entries in a category so the chances are pretty good to get an award . . . but it's gratifying to get first place.


  1. Lots of scrappy! Glad you WON a Blue Ribbon. It's nice to WIN!

  2. You didn't need to add that last bit; I'm sure it would have won no matter how many entries!

  3. nann, any ribbon is a good one and well deserved's so pretty!

  4. Orphan block quilts are a favorite of mine - so resourceful :o) This is really a pretty quilt and a blue ribbon honors it nicely!

  5. What a fun scrappy quilt--love that it's made from orphan blocks! Congrats on your ribbon!


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